6 Best Chinese New Year Hamper Gift Ideal in 2019 cum with free delivery

Chinese New Year is coming soon! It is a tradition for every Chinese New Year, Chinese generally will give CNY gift to your loved ones from mandarin oranges or hampers as a sign to strengthen relationship with your clients, co-workers, partners, parents in-laws and so on. It is a time to show respect, care and gratitude to your loved one. Here we will share some tips to buy CNY hampers and gift.

Best Chicken Essence Hamper

Help your loved ones live a healthy life with chicken essence! Essence of chicken is known to be a healthy food supplement. 

Best CNY Cookies Hamper

Get a different kind of hamper with different type of cookies, cherry & almond, chocolate shortbread and many more!

Best CNY Organic Food Hamper

This hamper comes with all kinds of food including premium organic dates, tea, cookies, cereal and various healthy range food. 

Best CNY BBQ Meat Hamper

Chef Hwa brand is worth to buy and handmade and use very traditional recipe way.

Best CNY Premium Hamper

If you’re looking for a more premium hamper to impress your loved ones, this hamper comes with a wine, any branded liquor. 

Best CNY Tonic Product Hamper

For seniors who are not in perfect health conditions, gifts such as tonic products, for example cubilose, ginseng and cordyceps are wise choices. Just carefully check the warranty print and expire dates when you are paying for it.


For hamper variety, pls check this out at www.ielder.asia/collections/hamper

On top of that, if you purchase this hamper there will be a complimentary CNY greeting card to write the receiver’s name.

Etiquette in Giving Gifts-Remember to remove price tag.


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