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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
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No More Stair Climbing?

Your home has more than one floor, you are worried that a trip or fall on the stairs could have a serious impact on your health, you cannot stand the aches and pains when going up and down the stairs, you find yourself feeling dizzy and out of breath, you may be ageing, having a medical condition or had an accident, if you are worried of becoming a burden to your family if you fall, then It`s time to install a stair lift. Everyone knows that for the elderly, going up and down flights of stairs can make moving about difficult. It affects their daily activities and keeps them confined. We all know that stairs and hallways are the most accident-prone areas in homes where the elderly lives. A domestic stair lift gives a vital lift to one`s self-confidence and reduces the risk of injuries.  Elderly -proofing homes don't seem to be off base with today’s homeowners as the benefits outweigh its costs.

Don’t wait anymore - make your home elderly- friendly and offer a combination of comfort, convenience and safety to your loved ones who have limited mobility.

How do Stairlifts work?

There are 2 options to choose from. The Stairlift and the Stair Climber.


(1) Stairlift


If you have reduced mobility, the Stairlift is handy as it is easy to handle in the tightest and steepest staircase and can be navigated using a remote or a Joystick. Safety, reliability, and user-friendliness were the primary focus when the stairlift was in design stage and using high quality materials was the key for its long lifespan. Light and easily foldable, it comes with comfortable upholstery for the seating and backrest.

What are its benefits?
• It`s strong and trustworthy
• It`s affordably priced
• It`s comfortable and safe to use
• It`s a slim design

No worries about space for the others to use the stairs as the slim design is neat and space saving. The chair effortlessly turns away from the stairway at the top of the stairs, allowing the user to get on and off the lift safely.

The stairlift is equipped with an integrated technical diagnostic system. The LCD-display in the arm rest gives you direct insight into the stairlift’s status. The chair will also automatically and steadily come to a standstill in the case of any obstacle on the stairs. You’ll clearly see on the display where the obstacle is located, so that you can easily remove it. Furthermore, the stairlift is equipped with a key system which you can use to lock the stairlift. You can get the chair to you from any point of the rail by using the remote. What a great invention for the safety of the elderly.


(2) Stair Climber

The Stair Climber is an innovative climbing aid which can transport an individual up and down the stairs with their own wheelchair or any model that has a built-in seat. It provides a steady and secure footing and does not damage the edges of steps. At a slightly extended standstill, the device seat of the Climber is lifted so that you can easily get on or off it. Thanks to its big wheels the stair climbers can be used on grating stairs too. They are well suited for carpet, steel, wood, brick, and concrete stairs…AND YES, they work both indoors and outside. Who says you cannot age comfortably at home?


What are its Benefits?

  • It promises a secure footing.
  • It has an automatic braking function when going downstairs
  • It can be used as a push wheelchair too
  • It`s a single step mode
  • It has adjustable handles
  • It has a detachable back rest
  • It can fit into car boots


Arrange an Assessment
We have already provided a lot of information about our unique stairlift or stair climber. But what will be the cost of your choice? Unfortunately, as every staircase is different, and you have your own preferences and wishes, we cannot give a simple answer to this question without assessing your staircase and individual needs in person. Please send us a video of your staircase and send to

Some customers want to know estimated budget:

For a straight stairlift, the budget is approx. RM15,0000 and above.
For a curved stairlift, the budget will be around RM40,000 and above
For a Stair Climber, the budget will be around RM5,500-RM15,000
We also have low budget types and second-hand stair lifts and stair climbers. 

Free and non-binding staircase evaluation
Our experienced advisers will be happy to visit you to give a personal advice. Of course, this is done free of charge and entirely voluntarily. Our adviser will evaluate your staircase and listen to your individual wishes and preferences.

They will give you transparent advice about which stairlift best suits you and on which side of the stairs it could best be installed.
Call us at

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