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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
Building Comfort and Care: Essential Products for Nursing Home Setup by iElder

Building Comfort and Care: Essential Products for Nursing Home Setup by iElder

Elevate Elderly Care with iElder's Specialized Nursing Home Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of elderly care, establishing a nursing home that prioritizes both comfort and medical needs is crucial. At iElder, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for nursing home setups, offering a range of medical equipment to clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals. In this guide, we outline the essential products required to create a nurturing environment for elderly residents.

Bed Room Essentials:

  1. Hospital Bed or Wooden Bed with Hospital Features:
    • Provide residents with comfort and medical support.
  2. Ward Screen:
    • Ensure privacy for patients during examinations or personal care.
  3. Wardrobe, Bedside Cabinet, and Overbed Table:
    • Storage and convenience for personal items and essentials.
  4. Geriatric Chair and Visitor Chair:
    • Comfortable seating options for residents and visitors.
  5. Mattress, Pillow, Linen, Blanket, and Curtain:
    • Create a cozy and hygienic sleeping environment.
  6. Ripple Mattress:
    • Prevent pressure sores and enhance overall comfort.

At iElder, we understand that providing quality care shouldn't break the bank. That's why we proudly offer a range of cost-effective solutions, including both manual and electric hospital beds, designed to cater to your budget without compromising on comfort or functionality.

nursing home set up

Toilet Facilities:

  1. Grab Bar and Shower Chair:
    • Ensure safety during bathroom use.
  2. Anti-slip Flooring:
    • Minimize the risk of slips and falls.
  3. Calling System and Sauna:
    • Facilitate communication and provide therapeutic amenities.
  4. CCTV:
    • Enhance security and monitoring in critical areas with motion sensor (Privacy Protection)

Many senior care centers and nursing homes operate in existing homes, but the standard tiles in bathrooms and common areas can pose a slip hazard. The usual solution involves costly and disruptive tile replacements. We at iElder has experienced technicians apply a special solution to make the existing tile surface creating an anti-slip texture that enhances safety.

setting a nursing home old folks home essential

Mobility & Transfer Equipment:

  1. Commode Transfer Chair, Wheelchair, Transfer Chair/Hoist, Transfer Hospital Bed, and Stretcher:
    • Facilitate safe and efficient patient transfers.

Monitoring Tools:

  1. Drug Cabinet, BP Set, Oximeter, Weighing Machine, Thermometer, and Glucose Meter:
    • Equip your nursing home with essential medical monitoring devices.
  2. Nurse Station & Nursing Table:
    • Establish a centralized area for healthcare professionals
  3. CCTV:
    • Ensure a secure and monitored environment.

Fitness and Recreation:

  1. Treadmill, Gym Equipment, Table Tennis, brain games, and Physio/Rehab Equipment:
    • Promote physical activity and overall well-being.

Registration and Administrative Area:

  1. Staff Uniform, Receptionist Counter & Chairs, Sofa, and Registration & Monitoring System:
    • Create a welcoming and organized registration area.

Entertainment/Common Area:

  1. TV, Mahjong Table, and Plants:
    • Enhance social interaction and recreational activities.

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Kitchen and Laundry Facilities:

  1. Fridge and Cooking Ware:
    • Provide nutritious meals for residents.
  2. Washing Machine and Vacuum Cleaner:
    • Ensure cleanliness and hygiene throughout the facility.

Disposable Items:

  1. Diapers, Underpad, Dressing Set, and More:
    • Maintain personal hygiene and care.

We have supplying value pack 50pcs per bag diapers, wet tissue, gloves, underpad and various disposable essentials regularly to old folks home, senior care centre, nursing home and retirement villages.  

Contact iElder for Your Nursing Home Setup:

iElder provide one stop solution for nursing home set up

For a personalized discussion on nursing home setup solutions, contact iElder at +6012-6885592. Explore our collection of essential products designed to elevate the standard of elderly care: iElder Nursing Home Setup. 

If you are a nursing home, hospital, clinic, pharmacy, or corporate entity seeking a trusted partner for your medical product needs, iElder is here for you. Our experienced team is ready to understand your requirements and provide tailored solutions to enhance your healthcare operations.

Elevate the experience for your residents with iElder - where comfort meets comprehensive care.

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