Testimonial: Eye Sight Recover


Before After 
Before EaseCox Eye Mask
After wearing easecox eye mask

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My father has had an accident in 2017 and ever since his vision deteriorate and his eye lid drop and having difficulty to keep his eye lid opened. I attended an product sharing session on EaseCox Eye Mask and an elderly who was almost gone blind regained his vision after wearing the Easecox Eye Mask.

I decided to buy the eye mask for my father to give it a go. After wearing EaseCox Super Conductive Eye Mask for a couple of months, his vision is now fully recovered and he can now see things clearly, his eye lid is also recovered to normal function.

Ageing eyes and failing vision are linked to falls, as one gets older one is more prone to falling. Now my father’s visual is back to normal and it helps as he is more active than before. Thank you Easecox and I am happy to share with more friends about this product.

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