2 in 1 Self propel commode wheechair
2 IN1 Self Propel Commode Wheelchair 18"
2 IN1 Self Propel Commode Wheelchair (18") (Reliable and Affordable)
2 IN1 Self Propel Commode Wheelchair (18") (Reliable and Affordable)
2 IN1 Self Propel Commode Wheelchair (18") (Reliable and Affordable)

2 IN1 Self Propel Commode Wheelchair 18"

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  • Self-propelled commode wheelchair c/w detachable rear wheels,
  • Powder coated and six wheelers 
  • Powder coated frame
  • 5” brake wheel
  • 24“ rear mag wheel
  • Flip up armrest with loop brake,
  • Detachable footrest ,
  • Back frame can be detachable,
  • High quality PU seat
  • Net weight is 21.5kg
  • Seat width: 18"


Yes but it's a limited warranty of manufacturing defects within 6 months of purchase.

Warranty coverage includes frameworks such as welding but excluding consumables such as tyres , bearing, seat and plastics. Also warranty will be void if there's mishandling of the product.


2 IN1 Self Propel Commode Wheelchair 18


Q1: Is this commode wheelchair can be push directly to toilet bowl?

A1: Yes, the bucket got to be removed prior to pushing into the toilet bowl .

Q2: Height can be adjusted or not?

A2: Nope, height is fixed.

Q3: At what height of toilet bowl it can fit?

A3: It fits most of the standard toilet bowls provided they had never raised the height of the floor to accommodate special needs .Some homes, they might have raised additional one inch higher from floor to ease the elderly transfer purposes.

Q4: The seat of the commode wheelchair seat is smaller than toilet seat. How can I adjust or alter to make commode seat bigger?

Commode chair seat.

Compare with toilet seat.

A4: Commode chair seat  has a front cutout which allows front better  assess for cleaning of private part versus the no cutout of the toilet bowl version.

The commode chair made of cushion padded. It allows patient to have a more comfortable feeling when using the wheelchair cum commode for longer hours , having said so, in contrary , the shape of the oval couldn't be cut similar size as the plastic version simply for the safety concern. 

If the cutout is too big, strength if the seat is reduced .
it will appear as weaker point when some patient who has less strength of knees who will unable to sit on the padded cushion slowly and always bang on the cushion can cause breakage of the wood based seat over times when they bang on the seat heavily.


Therefore, we cannot modify this cushion into larger shape simply for safety reason .


Q5: Can change tyres to pump air tyres?

A5: It is not recommended to change to pump air tyres because under hospital requirement as it will attracting mould.


Q6: Is the height of the commode same as normal wheelchair?

A6: No. Commode wheelchair is slightly higher than normal wheelchair. Normal wheelchair is 47cm height from floor to seat, while commode wheelchair height is 54cm.

Q7: As the commode is used in shower, won't the skru rust after long time usage?

A7: For long lasting purpose, use anti-rust spray which can be find at hardware shop.

Q8: Can the big 24" wheels be fixed to the chair when the patient is seated?

A8: Yes. Big wheels are meant for self propelled by the patient if they wish to move around themselves independently. Removal of big wheels is to ease the assessibility to the narrow toilet door frame . 

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