Guarday Sos Fall Detection Device Waterproof GPS Tracking
Guarday fall detection, emergency and medical alert
Guarday wearable fall detection, emergency and medical alert
Guarday wearable fall detection, emergency and medical alert
Guarday wearable fall detection, emergency and medical alert
Guarday wearable fall detection, emergency and medical alert
Guarday wearable fall detection, emergency and medical alert
Guarday wearable fall detection, emergency and medical alert

Guarday Sos Fall Detection Device Waterproof GPS Tracking

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guarday ielderWhat is Guarday?

GuarDay is a unique fall detection and emergency solution that works everywhere, anytime. You just need to wear it and in the case of emergency or fall, it will automatically send an alert to pre-nominated numbers like a family member, your neighbour, your caregiver. They will receive your exact location via SMS and GuarDay will call all the numbers until someone picks up.

Guarday is the most advance and discrete fall detection device that automatically sends a signal to your loved ones for help.

Living alone as you get older can be worrying -  if you have a fall or become ill and can't get up, how long will you have to remain without help before someone finds you? It is also a concern for your loved ones. A personal alarm can put everyone's mind at rest. Available at, the alarm is an attractive looking pendant or bracelet that you wear with a button you press if you're in distress. It connects to three (3) prenominated numbers by sms and call. 

GuarDay works with a subscription based plan. You will stay connected 24/7 in the case of emergency.

Who need this?

  • Dementia 
  • Senior lives alone
  • Heart attack
  • Who fell before as tendency to fall again is very high

How it works?

  • SOS Function: If something goes wrong or you don't feel well, just press the SOS button for 2-3 second, and it will SMS your three (3) pre-nominated numbers on  your location and will automatically the device will call the first pre-nominated number. If first pre-nomiated number not answer the call, it will automatically call the second and then 3rd pre-nominated number. 

  • Auto Fall Alert: If you fall, the device will alert and SMS your pre-nominated numbers automatically, If you don't touch it for 5-7 seconds (the device detect that the person in unconscious), the device will bip for 5 second and start the alert sequences within 10-20 seconds. 

  • Location request: If this device or the wearer are lost, send an SMS to this device number and it will reply you back the coordinates location. Charges may incur.
    User sends a SMS (about 1RM) to the Guarday if there is a location request. The Guarday will send back a SMS with the location (we limit to 10 requests per month)
  • Battery can last long: 3 days in normal working condition
                                    2 hours to full charge
  • You can wear it a lot of way. Some example is shown here
guarday device with hookguarday device in a pocketguarday device as a necklace

    How to purchase?

    Step 1: Purchase your Guarday device here include 3 month subscription

    Step 2: Receive an email link to choose your subscription plan:

    After 3 month, please go on the following website and subscribe an extension 2,4,6 months.

    once the payment is done the extension is automatically updated.

    • 2-month plan: RM 239 (RM4/day)

    • 4-month plan: RM 269 (RM3.5/day)

    • 6-month plan: RM 539 (RM 3/day)

    • 12-month plan: RM1079 (RM2.7/day)


    • Condition: New

    • Weight: 35 g

    • Size: 61mm x 42mm x 16mm

    • Device sold separately from subscription plan

    • Available in Black and Blue


    1 year warranty.

    After one year the warranty is reconducted with the extension of credit ( when you buy another 6 months, the warranty will be extended at the same time by 6 months if the customer never stop renewing ) 

    In case of the customer stopping for 6 months to renew and start again to renew  the warranty will not apply.



    Guarday works in 89 countries, so you can even use it when you go on holiday

    Guarday coverage

    guarday emergency manualguarday fall detector device manual


    1) Q: How to set the pre-nominated number?

        A: The number can be configure in the account.

    2) Q: The pre-nominated number can be change?

        A: Yes. There are 3 pre-nominated number can be set and the number can be change from time to time, unlimited.

    3) Q: How to fully charge the device?

        A: Place the device on charging dock. Position the device until it vibrate and the red light become stronger. That means the deice is charging. When the device is fully charge, a very light red may remains (almost invisible in daytime). It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the device.

    4) Q: Why there is the blinking blue and green light?

        A: The blue and green light means the device is online.

    5) Q: What happen if I didn't renew the subscription plan?

        A: After your subscription expired, there will be a grace period of 1 month to renew the subscription. At this moment, your card will be disable. It will be re-enable if the renewal is done within 1 month period. No renewal within 1 month, your card will be close.

    6) Q: If I already passed the grace period, can I reactive my card?

        A: Yes, you can reactivate again, but there will be extra activation fee of 49 USD. It will take about 6-12  hours to reactivate in the Global Network.

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