[Pre-order] N97 Mask [ETA: 31 March] per piece

[Pre-order] N97 Mask [ETA: 31 March] per piece

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This N97 mask is made of more expensive N97 anti bacteria fabric on 3 layers, 97% bacteria-proof, dust-proof, haze-proof! Has been tested for bacteria prevention by ITS HK, Hong Kong, and EUROFINS in Vietnam!


This Mask is NOT the market so call 3 PLY SURGICAL MASK, it has not equip with nose wire bar. The 3 PLY SURGICAL MASK the raw material of middle layer Melt Blown Filter fabric had been world wide shortage, and cost of it rise over 20 times, so the cost of making Surgical Mask has been many times more than recommended retail price, thus there is very difficult to get 3 PLY SURGICAL MASK, Except, on government requisition, old stocks inventory, buying at unreasonable higher prices or fake 3ply Surgical Mask with NO Melt Blown filter)

1 Pieces = RM5.00

1 box is 40 pieces