iElder Healthcare Professional Freelance apps (Mobile or Tablet device only)


In the past few years, healthcare system in Malaysia has been growing extensively with the support from the local government. Taking care of health is vital, regardless whether for prevention, early detection, after discovery of health problem symptoms or post treatment care. iElder Healthcare Professional Freelance cuts the hassle of finding a healthcare services by providing a match between healthcare services provider and community who is looking for healthcare services via app portal.


Healthcare professional home care service covers every aspect of care you would need to remain independent within your own home, ranging from nursing care, health monitoring, occupational therapy and physiotherapy, complementary medicine treatment acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Home Healthcare Professional, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is an assisted living retirement senior nursing home care services such as acupuncture, Chinese physician, private nurse, caregiver, physiotherapist visit your home to provide home care service.


Features of iElder Healthcare Professional Freelance :

  • A healthcare marketplace where health practitioners and patients meet.
  • Help to provide healthcare services for those in need. This may include nursing home, physiotherapist, nurse practitioner, doctors, etc.
  • Free to sign up and use the app. Head over to “Login” to sign up as an app user, whether you are health practitioners and patients meet.
  • Health practitioners can list their services.
  • Provide point of contact and communication between health practitioners and patients.
  • Shopping for healthcare products / services, nutrition, fitness and many more.
  • From time to time, special announcement will be made to all app users to keep them updated.
  • Easy navigation.


Benefits of iElder Healthcare Professional Freelance:

A) For Freelancer (Healthcare Provider)

  • Allows individuals in different healthcare-related organizations/practice to join this app "community" with the mission to serve those in need of their professional services.
  • An opportunity to Earn additional Income & Find rewarding work - It is a great place to find more clients and to run and grow your own freelance job/business.
  • High Pay as no commission or pay cut by engaging third party company as you deal directly with client on your availability and set your own rate 
  • Flexibility and choose your own clients. You can get a freelance work near your work place or home. 

 B) For Freelancing

  • you can search healthcare professional listing under “Freelancer” or  “Jobs Available” menu and you can directly email or call them to get a quote.

 C) Others:

  • Tap into the resources of healthcare solutions provider for senior care. This include shopping online, health related articles and many more.


iElder Healthcare Professional Freelance is for anyone who needs healthcare services and health practitioners. Though most of the services may have medical cost, you may be lucky to get free health care if you just ask for help.


Download iElder Healthcare Professional Freelance now and have this app handy on your phone. You may need it for emergencies, prevention, healthcare services, etc. Share with family members and friends to benefit them too.

Steps to join us

1. Download our application at Google Play Store

Click on above pic and download.

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For Health Care Professional


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We hope this application will facilitate both health care professional and the community better in connecting to each other, thus benefit both sides.


*Disclaimer: Healthcare Professional who listed in our iElder apps need to submit their qualification certificate for approval. iElder team will only list those who have qualification. You as an user/consumer must also do your due diligence check to ensure they meet your requirements/standards. iElder will not reliable on any misconduct/mistake done by healthcare professional.