[Free Listing] Health Professional Platform for Company and Freelancer

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If you're hiring a Healthcare Professional Freelance 

  • Start by posting a job (It's free), tell about your work requirement and specific skills needed. Freelancer will contact you directly or/and
  • you can search healthcare professional listing and you can directly email or call them to get a quote.

If you're freelancing

  • Find rewarding work - It is a great place to find more clients and to run and grow your own freelance job/business
  • Get free listing at healthcare@ielder. We offer to first 100 freelancers to get free listing with us. 
  • High Pay. You do not need to give commission or pay cut by engaging third party company as you deal directly with client on your availability and set your own rate 
  • Flexibility and choose your own clients. You can get a freelance work near your work place or home. 


How it works for freelancer?

1. Register yourselves at https://healthcare.ielder.asia/ and upload your license and/or certificate

2. Once has been approved, you will be listed in our healthcare@ielder portal.

3. Customer will contact directly or you can visit 'post a job' to see any freelance work. 

Why Join Us? 

1. Earn additional Income

2. Now is free listing

3. Get a freelance job near your workplace or home

Registration Form


1. Acupuncturist: https://goo.gl/forms/aCC9Z6vp1aCCbf202

2. Nurse/ Care Giver: https://goo.gl/forms/3RZXjAkl4t5gsG6x2

3. Physiotherapist: https://goo.gl/forms/u2Y1qbb8P1cqVP3B2

4. Medical Doctor: https://goo.gl/forms/QnXqOAncFSndZ6Wr2

5. Others: https://goo.gl/forms/bhfUzmXKxoFJrO4L2


1. How do we know whether the listed healthcare professional is a qualified one?

Healthcare@iElder only list those who has submitted their license and certificate of relevant qualification. 

We have several measures in place to ensure Healthcare@iElder is a fair and reliable marketplace. We use multiple means to verify that freelancers are who they say they are. Information is also displayed that gives you a sense of each person’s skill level. In part, this includes:

  • Authenticating email addresses
  • We only list those freelancer with licensed and certificate of relevant qualification
  • Displaying each freelancer’s Job Success score and feedback on past projects (in the pipeline)

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to screen prospective freelancers to make sure their skills and experience meet the needs of your work. 

2. The different between care giver and nurses

For nurses who has yet to get license from Nursing Board can register themselves as care giver with their qualification until they receive their license. For those who in caregiver space for more than 3 years also can be listed in our portal.