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Avera Gel 10g (For Teething and Mouth Ulcer)

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Avera Gel boasts multiple actions against all mouth sores; it can reduce pain and inflammation, fight again microbial growth and impart immediate cooling and soothing effect.


  • Avera gel is for topical oral use only
  • Always wash your hand before applying the gel.Make sure the hand is clean

Babies (4 moths-old and above) and children

  • With clean finger,massage approximately one half centimeter of AVERA GEL onto the sore area.This can be repeated after 3 hours
  • Not to exceed 6 doses in 24 hours.Not to be used in babies less than 4 month-old
  • Contraindication for patient suffering from active peptic unceration or know to be allergic to salictlates


  • Massage approximately one centimeter of AVERA gel onto the sore area and leave at least 30 minutes before reinserting the dentures
  • Do not apply directly to the dentures