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Baxter Dialysis Machine Features

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Living with kidney disease is a journey. With the Amia System, your destination is home.

The Amia System acts as your personal navigation system for performing peritoneal dialysis in the comfort of your own home—guiding you through your treatments enhanced by simple, voice-guided, step-by-step directions and full-color animations.1

Together with Baxter’s innovative Sharesource Platform, the Amia System keeps you connected to your clinic, so your healthcare provider can manage your therapy remotely.2


The Amia System is voice-guided and user-friendly

Simple, voice-guided, step-by-step instructions guide you through detailed instructions on how to set up and complete your treatments. Built-in technical support features assist you and, if necessary, provide you with contact information for help. The Amia System can speak to you in English, Spanish or French Canadian.1

Listen to Amia


The Amia System is the first and only peritoneal dialysis system equipped with voice guidance.1




The Amia System is portable dialysis therapy whenever,
wherever you need it

The Amia System is designed to fit into your living space and your lifestyle. Its compact size is designed for ease of use and storage in your home. Plus, when you are on the go, it can be packed in an optional and convenient, TSA-compliant carry-on case.1

Amia is highly portable


Remote Monitoring

Amia remote monitoring

Remote monitoring capability lets you stay in touch

Stay connected to your healthcare provider with the Sharesource Connectivity Platform featuring remote patient monitoring.1

At the end of each therapy, information about your treatment is remotely transmitted to your clinicians to review and, if necessary, make changes to your program. Changes are then transmitted to your Amia System. You can accept the changes with the touch of a button.2

Amia remote monitoring