beurer multi-functional thermometer FT 65

Beurer Multi-Functional Thermometer (FT 65)

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Connect no
Automatic switch-off yes
Distance sensor no
Low battery indicator yes
Date and time yes
Illuminated display no
Temperature alarm (display) no
Non-contact measurement no
Medical device yes
Measurement of the surface/object/liquid temperature yes
Measurement of ear temperature yes
Measurement of room temperature no
Measurement of forehead temperature yes
Oral/rectal/axial measurement no
Visual temperature alarm (coloured LED) yes
Protective cap for ear measurement no
Protective cap/box for storage no
Acoustic signal yes
Memory spaces 10
Voice function no
Can be set to °C/°F yes
Product weight approx. 90 g
Product dimensions 38.2 x 138 x 46.5 mm
CE yes
Warranty in years (You can find more information about the warranty conditions in the manual.) 5
HMV (products covered by German health insurance) number
PZN (German centralised pharmaceutical number) 10228997
EAN 4211125795146
Item number 79514


A real all-rounder! In addition to ear and forehead measurement, the thermometer can also determine surface temperatures. The temperature alarm and the date and time display are perfect additions for simple and convenient measurement.

  • 6-in-1 function: ear, forehead and surface temperature, temperature alarm, date and time, 10 memory spaces
  • Up to 37.9°C = green, from 38.0°C = red
  • Measurement in seconds
  • Infrared measurement
  • LED temperature alarm from 38°C
  • Displays measurements in °C and °F
  • No mercury, without glass
  • Can be disinfected
  • 10 memory spaces, with date and time
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Medical device
  • Large display

Memory function
10 memory spaces

Automatic switch-off
The product is equipped with an automatic switch-off function

Visual temperature alarm
Coloured LED display for normal or raised temperature. - green = everything OK - red = temperature alarm (from 38°C / 100.4°F)

Measuring location

Temperature is taken on the forehead


Surface temperature
Surface temperature of objects and liquids

Temperature display
Temperature shown on the display (°C/°F)