V380 CCTV Smart Wifi Camera
V380 CCTV Smart Wifi Camera
V380 CCTV Smart Wifi Camera
V380 CCTV Smart Wifi Camera
V380 CCTV Smart Wifi Camera
V380 CCTV Smart Wifi Camera

V380 CCTV Smart Wifi Camera

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Benefits of CCTV for the elderly

It is important to install CCTV when it comes to caring for an elderly loved one, many fail to realise the advantages on offer by using CCTV to, in various ways, protect them. So here are some of the under appreciated benefits of using CCTV for the elderly

  • Allows your elderly loved one to maintain their independence, but with a watchful eye in case an emergency was to arise
  • Allows you to immediately respond if a sudden accident or emergency were to occur
  • Ensure they are taking their medication
  • If you have a care giver to take care of elderly, you can see the sort of care they are receiving, and make sure they are not being mistreated
  • Can help as a tool in prosecuting any caregivers who are found to either be mistreating or stealing from your vulnerable elderly loved one
  • Allows you to live and work away from the house or nearby for long periods of time, without fear something may go wrong
  • Cuts back on costs of having to hire someone else to come in and provide basic monitoring
  • Can indicate telltale signs of early stage illnesses or disabilities, such as regular falls, erratic behaviour or even dementia
  • Can be used to help track someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s which may cause them, only sporadically, to try to attempt something dangerous, like leave home
  • Allows you to track for any unwanted or prying individuals, such as burglars or others trying to guilt money out of your loved one


Quick setup this wireless surveillance camera via 2.4G wifi, connected with your android, iOS, tablet and PC in minutes by using the V380. Begin to your seamlessly stream video and recorded video on this security camera.



The built-in microphone and speaker allow voice communicating between the APP and camera side.


Smart IR-Cut Night Vision

The smart IR-Cut filter switches automatically between day and night to reduce color cast in day time and enhance image brightness at night making sure you can get vivid surveillance footage from dawn to dark.




Smart Wifi CCTV




 cctv view


How to install?

installation CCTV V380

installation CCTV V380

installation CCTV step3 

V380無線攝像頭wifi遠程監控家用200萬高清夜視1080P旋轉360全景 CCTV




1. Micro SD Card 64G
H.265 - 64GB TF card - motion record = 10 - 11 days
H.265 - 64GB TF card - continuous record = 5 - 6 days

2. Warranty
Three months warranty. You will bear your courier charges to ship to us.

3. 5GHz wifi is not supported, please use 2.4GHz wifi

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