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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Portable Stair Climbing Chair with Wheels | iElder

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Aluminium alloy electric stair climbing wheelchair 

A stair climbing chair with wheels, sometimes known as a wheelchair stair climber, is a mobility assist device that is designed to help people with mobility problems get up the staircase with little or no assistance. It helps to provide independence to such individuals, particularly the disabled, in that they can access buildings that do not have a ramp for use with wheelchairs.


It is advisable to practice using the climber chair without anyone seated on it until you are familiar with its operation. Then, practice with someone sitting on it before allowing the user to sit on it. Additionally, it is recommended to have a person in front of the climber chair during practice sessions.

Features and Benefits

This electric stair climbing wheelchair can carry persons weighing up to 180kg up & downstairs with a simple push of a button, it also easy for you to glide down stairs effortlessly, and it will help you a lot if there is someone inconvenient like keen injury, elderly, handicapped, Applicable any type of the stairs surface, wooden, metal, concrete, etc. With our chair, they can enjoy the quality of life every day.

Suitable used by:

  • Hospital
  • Emergency centers
  • Fireman
  • Emergency ambulance,
  • Nursing home
  • Home Care 
  • High rise buildings
  • Elderly
  • Pregnant women

Instructions of use:
1. Fully unpack the wheelchair and ensure the safety belt and headrest are securely fastened.

2. Keeping the wheelchair approximately 1 foot away from the base of the stairs, tilt the wheelchair back and ensure that the treads are parallel against the edge of the stair steps.

3. Keeping your body weight on the wheelchair, hold down on the button to move the wheelchair up/down the stairs.

To get a better understanding and provide the most suitable solution to your requirements, could you kindly provide further information on the following:

1) Weight of persons intended to carry (max user weight is 180kg)

2) Any medical conditions or disability (do specify)

3) Are you looking to use it indoors or for travel? 

4) Dimension, Type, Surface of stairs?

( Picture & Measurements including landings would best ) 

Product Specifications

Size: 1250mmX460mmX1600mm
Folded Size: 1010mmX460mmX300mm
Package Size: 1100mmX560mmX330mm
Nett Weight: 27.5Kg
Gross Weight: 32Kg
Maximum Weight: 180kg
Wheel size: 125mm/100mm
Tie rod adjustment range: 450mm
Stair turntable size: 900mmX900mm
The maximum response to the staircase angle: ≤35°
Forward speed (load): 0.17m/s
Reverse speed (load): 0.17m/s
Motor power, voltage, speed, speed ratio: 120W, 24V, 3200, 50
Motor type: Brush motor
Battery voltage, capacity: 24V, 13AH
Charging time: 6.5hrs
Use time after fully charged 1.3hrs (up and down 80 floors)
Charger parameters Input : 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 2.0A
Output : 29.4V, 2.0A
Battery service life Charge and discharge: 600-700 times


Made in China
Been exporting to the US, Europe and Japan


1 year warranty from manufacturing defects excluding wear and tear

Shipping & Installation

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