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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Corricare Total Elderly Care Monitoring Solution | Corricare

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Helping increase safety and reduce running costs for senior living communities and health systems.

A smart and contactless monitoring and early warning device. Designed to screen
for high-hazardous risks of day to day living for senior citizens. Get alerts for falls, wandering, oversleeping, inactivity, and more!
In the case of an incident, an alert is sent to emergency contacts through phone calls, text messages, or APP notifications. Generate data-based analytic health reports
that help in the early diagnosis of diseases.

  • Smart alerts
  • No wearables
  • No cameras
  • Active monitoring

aerosense assure home care assistant

Aerosense Assure Home Care Assistant

  • Fall Alert-Active warnings in case a fall occurs.
  • Intrusion Alert-Active warnings in case of a burglar.
  • Oversleeping-Active warnings if the resident is still in bed, longer than their normal schedule.
  • Wandering Alert(Day)-Active warnings if the resident is not outside and not back regularly.
  • Extended Toileting- Active warnings if the resident uses the toilet room longer than expected.
  • Frequent Toileting- Active notifications if the resident uses the toilet too often.
  • Bedtime Notification- Active notifications if the resident is still up past the set time.
  • Sedentary Notification-Active notifications if the resident has been sitting for too long.
  • ADL Report-Better insight into the resident’s day to day routine.
  • Device Offline - Active alerts if the device is offline.

+100,000 times tested plus
+40 available postures/scenarios

Elderly Care system 

Aerosense Wave Kit Elderly Care System

Aerosense Wave Kit Elderly Care System

A safer home for your loved ones!
A smart and contactless remote montoring system designed to help you to keep a close eye of your loved ones ever from afar!

  • Sleep Report - Monitoring sleeping time and body movement to determine sleeping quality.
  • Analytic Report - Sleeping analytic report is developed based on sleep records.
  • Bed-Exit Alert -Active alerts warn if the user is about to get up/leave the bed.
  • Activity Report- Activity report records daily, weekly and monthly daily activity rate.
  • Not In Bed Alert - Active alerts warn if the user is away from the bed longer than expected.
  • Oversleepig Alert - Active alerts warn if the user is still in bed longer than their normal schedule. 
  • Intrusion Alert - Intrusion alert will be sent out once there is an intrusion when in armed status. 
  • Smoke Detector - Stay away from fire risk by installing smoke alarm detector
  • Co Detector - Stay away from CO toxic gas leakage by taking Co detector
  • Gas Detector - Stay away from natural gas leakage by taking gas detector
  • Water Detector - Get the first notification once water leakage is detected.
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