Atomizer disinfectant machine (5L)
Atomizer disinfectant machine (5L)
Atomizer disinfectant machine (5L)
Atomizer disinfectant machine (5L)
Atomizer disinfectant machine (5L)

Atomizer disinfectant machine (5L)

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  • Nano Evolutionary Sterilize Car Automization Disinfectant Machine for Plant Disinfectant using European Standard 220V plug.
  • 900w automization disinfectant 
  • Machine automization fog smoke
  • Disinfection sprayer car smoke

Deodorant Sterilizes The Formaldehyde Fog Machine 220V size

  • 30cm x 28cm x 18cm
  • Model K827
  • Material pvc
  • Rated voltage 220V
  • Recommended use area: 20 (㎡) 

How to use in a car?

  1. Start the car. Power on the machine into the front passenger seat row and open the red switch button on the back of the machine.
  2. Wait for 5 minutes for preheating, wait until the handle light is on. Then press the timer switch (4 ml to 100 ml of the potion. Please set 4 or more below 80 ml.)
  3. Atomization for about 3 to 5 minutes, the liquid medicine is sprayed off the machine, take out the machine, continue the inner circulation for about 15 minutes, let it fully absorb.
  4. Ventilate, cycle outside for 3 minutes, the entire steps is completed, check the switch off and deliver.

Tips: After the machine is finished, it is best to use clear water spray. Keep the machine piping clean and unobstructed to prevent blockages from affecting machine operation.

How to use in a premise?

1.  Just pour 100ml chemical in the bottle. (No longer to provide 100ml bottle. You can use any kind of bottle like a mineral bottle)

2. You can put the bottle outside from the machine.

3. Pull up the tiny hose to put into the bottle

4. Fog for 10 min everyday will do.


Cleaning function:

  1. Connect the machine to the power supply.
  2. Press the black switch to the left cleaning position.
  3. Turn the timing knob to about 2 steps.
  4. Rinse the machine pipe with clean water or clean tap water.

Can be used to disinfect:

  • Car
  • Living Room
  • Toilet
  • Office



Disinfection Automization Machine certification



1. For cold fogger, no need to add smoky additive, correct?


2. If fog machine, if dont add additive then no smoke, correct?

Yes,  smoke machine or heat fogger . Need to add smokey additive

3. what is the difference between cold fogger and fog machine?

Cold fogger is based on pressure and it would give out a finer water mist. But heat fogger or smoke machine it is based on heat mechanism and it would produce a smoke of disinfectant.

4. Fog machine or cold fogger, same effectiveness?

Cold fogger is better

5. What is warranty for this product?

Three months of warranty

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