Elligseo Alkaline Drinking Water (500ml)
Elligseo Alkaline Drinking Water (500ml)
Elligseo Alkaline Drinking Water (500ml)

Elligseo Alkaline Drinking Water (500ml)

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Elligseo is the best choice of drinking water that undergoes an alkaline ionization process. With a pH value of between 8.5-9.0 they’re able to re-balance the human body system, especially for active individuals throughout the day.

Ionization process removes the bitter-tasting acidic ions. With the contents of natural alkaline ingredients such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium bicarbonate have enabled Elligseo to achieve perfection in the resulting water.

Every level of filter gives an extreme purification to Elligseo such as reverse osmosis process and ultraviolet exposure light. These steps are carefully monitored so that our products always remain in premium quality.

Our Commitment

There are many studies conducted by world-leading scientists that proved the importance of clean and healthy water in a human life. At Elligseo, we are committed to improving lives through better hydration for you to do extraordinary things! So it’s no wonder, Elligseo is often the peoples choice for a clean alkaline drinking water.

The Benefits

  • Alkaline water is understood to be the healthiest water.
  • Proper pH balance helps fight disease & boosts immune system.
  • Alkaline water helps to keep our cells young and hydrated.
  • Alkaline water helps to maintain a proper body pH.