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Ensure Gold 400g (Box Packaging)

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Cheaper if you buy small tin 400g instead of 850g 

1st reason: cheaper 

1 tin = RM35 /400g=RM0.087

x850g = RM74.37

2 tins RM69/800g=RM0.086


2nd reason: Fresher with new spoon for second tin

As you finish first tin and only then open second tin later. 

Abbott Ensure Gold 400g

ensure gold

ensure gold


New and improved Ensure® Gold™ is now even better with special nutrient, protein+HMB*. Along with calcium, omega-3 and 28 vitamins and minerals, Ensure® Gold™ is scientifically proven complete nutrition to improve physical movement and provide you everything you need for everyday strength.

Improved formula with more benefits.

  • HMB+Triple Protein Blend that helps regain physical strength
  • 28 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support body defense system
  • Carbohydrate that provides energy
  • Prebiotics to help improve in digestion
  • Calcium and Vitamin D that fortifies bones
  • Plant-based fat-blend with Omega-3

Expiry Date:

  • Vanilla Flavour: June 2020
  • Wheat Flavour: Oct 2020
  • Chocolate Flavour: Dec 2019