(Pre Order)ENSURE GOLD (COFFEE)  (400 gram x 6 TINS)[EXP: Mar 2022]

(Pre Order)ENSURE GOLD (COFFEE) (400 gram x 6 TINS)[EXP: Mar 2022]

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Drinking 2 glasses of Ensure Gold gives you 1.5g of HMB that is scientifically proven to improve strength in 8 weeks.

After 40, Ensure® can be the perfect partner supplementing your diet and workout goals.

Ever noticed that your parents have been slowing down in their day-to-day activities? It is a sign of their muscles becoming weaker. Muscles give strength and reduce the strain on bones and joints to move and do activities properly.

See your parents’ strength improve in just 8 weeks. Give your parents 2 glasses of Ensure Gold everyday, as it contains HMB and Triple Protein Blend to help regain physical strength – along with 28 vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced nutrition. So that they can continue to stay active and strong to do everyday activities that they love.

28 Vitamins & Mineral

28 Essential Vitamins & Minerals

  • High in Vitamin D to improve bone strength and maintain normal muscle and immune functions
  • Calcium & phosphorus for strong bones
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B3 & B6 for energy release
  • Vitamins B12 & C to help reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Antioxidants (ß-carotene, Vitamins C, E, zinc & selenium) help to protect cells in the body
Omega 3

Omega-3 and monounsaturated fatty acids. Low in saturated fat. Cholesterol and trans fat free.

Lactose free & Gluten free

Ingredient / Content
HMB, Triple protein blend and 28 vitamins & minerals
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1. Freshness

* If you open big tin 850g, you may need 1 month to consume it. But with 400g small tin, you need about
2 tins and consume 2 weeks per tin. Which mean able to keep the freshness of the item where preventing the exposure in a period of time.

2. More affordable

* When you calculate per gram for 400g and 850g, you may find it is cheaper to buy 400g. 

3. Less scope to exchange 850g Ensure.

For example:  Purchase 1 850gram------1 scope gained

                        Purchase 2 400gram------2 scope gained

Product Description

Ensure Gold is a unique system of ingredients including Calcium HMB (1.22g/100 g powder) and is high in protein (made from a high-quality triple protein complex) which aids in the building and maintenance of muscle mass.

* Calcium HMB and high-quality triple protein complex - helps build and maintain muscle mass
High in Calcium, Vitamin K and D - helps build strong bones and support calcium absorption
* High in Iodine and Phosphorus - contributes to normal energy metabolism
* High in Vitamins B6, B12, C, D, and minerals from Iron, Zinc, Selenium - necessary for normal immune system function
* Trans-fat free, low in cholesterol, and saturated fats
* Contains α -linolenic acid (Omega-3) and linoleic acid (Omega-6)
ensure gold

Important Notice:

* Gluten-Free

* Low in Lactose

* Low in Cholesterol

Ensure Gold can be used as a sole source of nutrition when consumed and prepared appropriately. It can also be used as a supplement between or with meals.

Quick Overview New creamy coffEe flavored with triple care protein & HMB
Direction for Use Suggestions 1) 6 scoops per 230ml water 2) 2 servings per day
Ingredients HMB and Triple Protein Blend ,Omega 3 &28 vitamins and minerals