F-900 Fog Machine
F-900 Fog Machine

F-900 Fog Machine

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AC 220V-230V  50 ~60Hz

AC 110V-130V  60Hz

Material Iron
Power 900W
Heat up time 2 Min
Mode Control Remote / Manual
Smoke Distance 10 Meters
Fog Time Continuous Atomization, interval 2 seconds
Amount of Smoke 5000 Cuft/Min
Suitable Area About 60 sqft
Oil Tank Capacity 1L
Product Size 46.2 x 25.7 x 19.6 cm 
Product Weight 4kg
Warranty 3 Months

How to use❓❔

STEP 1️⃣: Locking screws for the mounting bracket
STEP 2️⃣: Insert the plugs
STEP 3️⃣: Add atomizer solution
STEP 4️⃣: Swithch "ON" & wait the light turn red
STEP 5️⃣: Ready to fog