[Pre-Order] Gentle Foods Pureed Meal Bento Set
[Pre-Order] Gentle Foods Pureed Meal Bento Set

[Pre-Order] Gentle Foods Pureed Meal Bento Set

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GentleFoods® creates familiar, hygienic, and nutritious moulded food (pureed & soft/minced) that stimulates the appetite with the way it looks, tastes, and smells; thereby, bringing the joy of food back to the people with swallowing difficulties.

GentleFoods® believes that the food one enjoyed must always remain the food they enjoy despite the change in their physical condition.

As we prepare blended diets for people with swallowing difficulties, we always keep in mind how GentleFoods® benefits the caregiver as well. We understand the lack of time and know-hows to prepare the blended diet, therefore, our meals, snacks/desserts, and pre-thickened drinks help make life easier for the caregiver at the same time remembering the person who will eat it.

We are different because we give...

Meaning: Putting joy into meal times again
Emotion: Reclaiming the intimacy with food and people
Memory: The past is preserved rather than discovered
Value: Risk-free, Nutritional, Convenient, Time Saving
Our commitment to you: To give back a little of what life has taken out

Give back time to the caregiver
Give back nourishment by engaging the appetite
Give back the joy of eating with the loved ones
Give back the memories of eating familiar food with its taste, smell, and shape

    This easy and convenient meal box contains chicken, vegetable and rice purees with sauce.

    Bento set consists of

    1. Pureed Rice 120g

    2. Protein - Chicken or Fish 100g

    3. Vegetable option (1 type only) 50g

    • Carrot & Cauliflower
    • French Bean & Carrot
    • Radish & Carrot
    • Cabbage
    • Broccoli
    • Carrot
    • Pumpkin

    4. Sauce


    • IDDSI Standard
    • Halal 


    Pureed Meal Gentle Food


    Keep frozen at -18°C & below
    Do not re-freeze once thawed


    We will put in the aluminium foil to keep it cool before delivery
    Please WhatsApp us for the delivery address and we will check the Lalamove dispatch price.

     Further information on Gentle Food at here