Anti Slip Safety Socks in Black
Anti Slip Safety Socks in Black

Gripsox Stretch Top Anti Slip Safety Socks® (Black) (Long)

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Materials: 100% Cotton

Country / Region of Manufacture: Australia

Condition: New

Gripsox Anti-slip socks are great for all slippery areas such as wooden floors, bathrooms, hospitals, GripSox is a world leader in non-slip grip socks.


  • Suitable for Ballet & Indoor Sports Requiring Good Grip
  • Latex-free
  • High stretch top band
  • Anklet & Stretch Top Option
  • Seamless toe for comfort
  • Fitted heel to prevent sock rotation

GripSox® is the world's leading form of independently clinically trialed non-slip grip socks and has now established itself as an internationally recognized brand and a leader in falls prevention.

GripSox® have been used worldwide by more than 300 physiotherapies, pilates, yoga, podiatry and pharmacy businesses and over 250 hospitals and aged care residences for falls prevention. 

Here are the approximate lengths of the socks:

S= 22cm  (shoe size 2-8)

M= 24cm (shoe size 6-11)

L=26cm  (shoe size 11-14)

XL= 28cm