house renovation for elderly people
house renovation for elderly people

Home Renovation for Elderly friendly (Initial Assessment)

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With ageing-in-place becoming the preferred option in old age, you can consider to do home renovations such as installing elder friendly fixtures like hand rails and grab bars, non-slip flooring, ramps, special lighting and power switches are some examples of installations that are necessary to enable the elderly to live comfortably and independently in their homes. Bathrooms and kitchens may require renovations to provide safety and convenience. Wardrobes and cabinets design must have the older user in mind. 

Home repairs and modifications help seniors live in their homes for as long as possible.

Making your older adult’s home safer and more accessible reduces fall risk, prevents accidents, and increases independence.

Consider an elderly-friendly design that won’t endanger the elderly or help them get around easily without having to go through an extended obstacle course?

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1. Type of property: Bunglalow/ Semi-D, Terrace House, Condominium, Flat 

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