house renovation for elderly people
house renovation for elderly people

Home Renovation for Elderly friendly (Initial Assessment)

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Consider an elderly-friendly design that won’t endanger the elderly or help them get around easily without having to go through an extended obstacle course?

Please email the following information to to get a renovation quote:-

My property

1. Type of property: Bunglalow/ Semi-D, Terrace House, Condominium, Flat 

2. Address and location of your property:

3. Please provide floor plan and measurement, photo of your house - minimum 2 photos per room.

Project Info

1. What are the issues that you are facing now?

2. Area(s) you need to renovate*

  •  Living Room
  •  Dining Room
  •  Kitchen
  •  Bedrooms
  •  Bathrooms
  •  Others

3. My renovation budget is:

  • Not fixed
  • RM10,000-RM20,000
  • RM20,000-RM50,000
  • RM50,000 and above 

4. Timeline of your renovation

My contact information

1. Name:

2. Mobile number:

3. Email address:

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