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HyGrow Pot-Grow Your Own Vegetable At Home - Asian Integrated Medical Sdn Bhd (ielder.asia)

HyGrow Pot-Grow Your Own Vegetable At Home

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Hydroponic Self-watering pot accessory, creative yourself.

Do you love fresh fruits and vegetables, but lack a green thumb?

Or maybe you’re an apartment dweller who doesn’t have access to a nice patch of grass and soil.

Whatever your inclination, Hydroponic Self-watering (Nutripot) wants to take care of gardening for you. This kit has surpassed its goal on new gardener and urban garden, and you’re going to want one for your garden.

Hydroponic Self-watering (Nutripot) is a simple hydroponic planter that only requires a sun light or grow light/LED light to grow inside. Hydroponic means that no soil is needed to promote growth, and the pot even waters the plant automatically as needed. It promises faster growth and no worry about over/under-watering your fledgling plant.

It is suitable for any type of houses, old folks homes and schools 

Why Use Hydroponic self-watering Planters?

The biggest advantage of container gardening with hydroponic self-watering planters is the conservation of water.

Hydroponic self-watering use less water because hydroponic self-watering irrigating just enough to keep the reservoir’s water level consistent.

With a traditional container, a lot of water is lost through the drainage hole before the soil has been saturated. The use of capillary action to moisten the soil also cuts back on diseases because you’re adding water directly into the reservoir and not splashing it on the leaves or soil and creating a hospitable environment for powdery mildew.

Eliminating the guesswork of when to water makes food production easier for new and young vegetable gardeners. Whether they're homemade or commercial hydroponic self-watering containers, they're easily deployed to create food systems and container gardens in areas in need.



  • No soil borne pests
  • Sterile growing medium
  • Automatic watering
  • Faster growth
  • No mess
  • Clear water level indication
  • Cannot be overwatered
  • Effective water use
  • Can contain more vitamins


  • Can contain pests, like fungus gnats
  • Needs watering when dry, but not too dry
  • Slower growth
  • Mess and dirty
  • It’s easy to forget watering
  • Overwatering is common (dead plants)
  • Most water evaporates
  • Results depend on soil quality

Package Inclusive

  • Rain Cover plastic UV
  • Tank 60 liter
  • Pam 18watt
  • 28 netpot
  • 28 cocopeat disc
  • Fertiliser hydroponics XY 2kg
  • HerbalPesticide 500ml
  • Vegetable Seed 

Free delivery and installation within Klang Valley

Tanaman Hidroponik

Kami mengadakan program "Tanaman Hydroponik" bersama warga emas di Pusat Jagaan.

Tujuan ini adalah memberikan suasana yang ceria kepada warga emas. Pertanian merupakan aktiviti yang sihat kepada mereka dan boleh dapat maken sayur-sayuran ditanam sendiry. 

Hidroponik merupakan asas penanaman tumbuhan yang menggunakan media air. Ia adalah salah satu media tanam tanpa menggunakan tabah sebagai pertumbuhan tanaman.