Interton Gain Hearing Aids
Interton Gain Hearing Aids

Interton Gain Hearing Aids

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INTERTON GAIN HEARING AIDS-specially for profile hearing loss (MADE IN DENMARK)

Power to the people:

  • With up to 144 dB SPL output and gain of up to 86 dB customers get lots of power.

Worry-free and easy to use:

  • Protected with Nano Coating so it can protect both the outer shell and all electronics inside from moisture.

Flexible and easy fitting:

  • Offer both Wide Dynamic Range Compression and Linear amplification

Easy to use and comfortable to wear:

  •  Has a volume control with numeric indicator and a push button ensuring easy operation when changing settings

GAIN 3 & GAIN 2 are available in Super Power Behind The Ear (SP BTE) size only:

  • Gain 3 is great for those who want an individualized solution and a richer hearing experience.
  • Gain 2 provides excellent speech understanding in noisy situations with minimum whistling increasing hearing comfort. It’s a worry-free and simple to use hearing aid that will allow you to enjoy your life with better hearing.