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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Mic Hearing Aids (Micro/Multi) | Interton

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Small, portable and extremely easy to use.

The latest additions to our range of wireless accessories, Interton’s Micro Mic and Multi Mic let you hear more of everything. Whether enjoying a family dinner, being in a meeting or listening from a distance, simply ask the speaker to clip on one of our Mini Mics. The Mini Mics stream the speaker’s words directly to your wireless hearing aids, so you can hear everything clearly, even when a lot of background noise is present. You can also plug them into your music player to enjoy music anywhere.

Interton Micro Mic is ideal for non face-to-face conversations, the Micro Mic pairs to your Interton hearing aids in seconds. Clip it on to the speaker’s clothing and start listening – even if you are up to 25 metres away in clear line of sight.

Interton Multi Mic works like the Micro Mic with the same range of up to 25 metres, but also doubles as a table microphone, so you can hear everyone sitting around it. Connect with loop and FM systems, and use the mini-jack input for streaming audio to your hearing aids.

In essence, the Micro Mic extends the hearing range well beyond the reach of any hearing aid in a variety of situations, such as when wanting to hear better:

  • In places of worship
  • In the car
  • While dining out
  • In class rooms
  • In meeting places

No adapters around your neck
Interton Wireless Accessories use a true wireless connection that connects to your wireless hearing
aids without the need for additional adapters around your neck. With the wireless accessories you’ll have the opportunity to hear everything clearly even in difficult listening situations.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 53 x 25.5 x 20.3 mm
Weight: 17gm
Power supply: Built-in rechargeable battery
Power connection: Micro USB
Battery Life: 10 hours
Charging Time: max. 3 hours
Wireless Connections: Multiple hearing aids per Micro Mic.
Up to 3 streaming devices per binaural set of hearing aids
Audio Interface: Dual microphone pick-up
Wireless Range: Up to 25 meters.


2 years warranty on manufacturing defect

Shipping & Installation

Malaysia/International Delivery - Refer to courier fee upon check out.