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Marvel Anti-Aging Intensive Firming Serum (Step 2) / 50ML

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Made in Germany

This product contains highly-effective firming and anti-wrinkle components. Using prolonged-release technology, three anti-wrinkle components, including precious Alp rose stem cells, French Burgundy Gamay Tenturier Freaux stem cells and tripeptides, are introduced to the skin to achieve hydration, repair and a firming effect while improving the skin's defense mechanism.


The anti-aging program is a combination of plant stem cells derived via state-of-the-art bio-chemical technology and a high mountain mineral formula from German homeopathy that offers a precise solution to all skin problems caused by aging; wrinkle correction, contour firming, penetrating skin care, dull skin improvement, and pore refinement to restore a radiant, young and beautiful look.