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Marvel Anti-Aging Ultra Repairing Complex Cream (Step 4) / 50ML

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Designed especially for dry, aged skin, this special "homeopathy" technique and rich moisturizing cream are used to form a "functional moisturizing membrane" on the epidermis to enhance skin firmness and water holding capacity; effective anti-wrinkle and skin repair components are introduced to dry skin areas to assist moisturizing components and active factors in continuous action for all-around skin repair, nourishment, contour firming and wrinkle correction to restore flawless, younger-looking skin!


The anti-aging program is a combination of plant stem cells derived via state-of-the-art bio-chemical technology and a high mountain mineral formula from German homeopathy that offers a precise solution to all skin problems caused by aging; wrinkle correction, contour firming, penetrating skin care, dull skin improvement, and pore refinement to restore a radiant, young and beautiful look.