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Marvel Anti-Aging Hydrating Toner (Step 1) / 100ML

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Made in Germany

An innovative and highly-functional hydrating formula uses hyaluronic acid and high mountain minerals as its base and is supplemented with botanic essential oils and extracts for instant skin softening and hydration to quickly restore skin moisture and resilience.


The anti-aging program is a combination of plant stem cells derived via state-of-the-art bio-chemical technology and a high mountain mineral formula from German homeopathy that offers a precise solution to all skin problems caused by aging; wrinkle correction, contour firming, penetrating skin care, dull skin improvement, and pore refinement to restore a radiant, young and beautiful look. 

The main ingredients of Marvel:

1. Plant stem cells – anti ageing, energising, rejuvenating, active autologous collagen
2. Stabilizing factors – Anti Oxidation, stabilize vitamin C, firming and lifting
3. Schizophyllan – source of immunity, skin strengthening
4. High mountain minerals – source of energy, increase circulation efficiency