Mother's Day Gift Set B: 1 box of Deyenze Birdnest free 2 gift

Mother's Day Gift Set B: 1 box of Deyenze Birdnest free 2 gift

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2020的母亲节很特别! ❌ 出外吃大餐 🤔 那么该如何替妈妈, 或孩子的妈庆祝呢?
无需烦心❗你 duduk diam-diam di rumah, 我们帮你把爱送上门给她❗
Mother's Day in 2020 is very special!  ❌ Eating out for a big meal 🤔 So how do you celebrate for your mother, or your child ’s mother? No need to worry ❗ you duduk diam-diam di rumah, we will help you send love to her ❗

💝【SET B - 买一送二】
- 购买一盒纳米燕窝精, 附送价值 RM148 的 #冬虫夏草 + 价值 RM78 的500ml 精美 #保温瓶
- 燕窝精 #养颜 冬虫夏草 #补肺 保温瓶 #多喝温水促进血液循环
- 西马包邮
- 只需 RM500 ❗

💝 【SET B-Buy one get two free】

-Buy a box of Nano Bird's Nest Essence, with # Cordyceps worth RM148 + 500ml exquisite # thermos worth RM78

-Bird's nest essence #Yan Yan Cordyceps sinensis #Bufei Thermos #Drink warm water to promote blood circulation

-Free shipping (Peninsular Malaysia ONLY)

-Only RM500 ❗

快快留言 A 或 B, 我们会把 #母亲节祝福礼物 的详情发给你哦 😘
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Leave a message quickly A or B, we will send you the details of the # Mother's Day Blessing Gift 😘 #SurpriseDelivery #Close at home and do n’t forget to make surprises for mom #MothersDay # 母 节

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DeYenz Bird's Nest

Compare to other normal bird's nest, one bottle of deYenz is equivalent to efficacy of 10 pieces of cooked edible bird's nestCooked bird's nest only give 10% absorbtion of benefits to the body but deYenz bird's nest give 100% absorbtion of benefits to the body.

deYenz Bird's Nest also has so many benefit to health  such as brain development, prevent memory loss, help to relieve cough and get rid of phlegm, anti-ageing, reduce wrinkle formation and also help in wound recovery

More info about deYenz Bird's Nest:

TIGERUS® Cordyceps Sinensis

Tigerus Cordyceps Sinensis is good for fights fatigue & burnout especially for people with busy lifestyle, increases your focus, strengthens the body, invigorates energy, improves blood circulation, improves overall health and supports natural immunity.

More info about Tigerus Cordyceps Sinensis:

Which is why, this gift could be the perfect gift you can give to your mother.


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你好!2020年母亲节 <Set B 把爱送到家> 详情如下:
服务区域 : Peninsular Malaysia ONLY(如以下附图)
价格:RM500 (包括 delivery)
发货日 : 2020年5月9日 (六) / 5月10日 (日)- By MrSpeedy/Grab/Lalamove

Hello there! Mother's Day 2020 <Set B brings love to home> Details are as follows: Service area: Peninsular Malaysia ONLY (as shown below)

Price: RM500 (including delivery)

Delivery Date: May 9, 2020 (Sat) / May 10 (Sun)-By MrSpeedy / Grab / Lalamove

客制化气球的 wish + name :
选择送礼物日:5月9日 / 5月10日

Please provide us the following information after payment:

Consignee's English name:

Consignee phone number:

Recipient address:

Customized balloon wish + name:

Choose a gift delivery date: May 9 / May 10

Set A 是以 first come first basis / confirmed order (100%付款) 为准,我方会在收到付款后才安排发货哦。希望你谅解~ :)
如果有兴趣下单,请尽快付款哦(bank account details 等下发给你)。付款后,把 bank-in proof & 详情发给我们哦 :)
谢谢 ^^

Dear friends, as it is now an action control order, our supply and manpower are limited.

Set A is subject to first come first basis / confirmed order (100% payment), we will arrange delivery after receiving payment. I hope you understand ~ :)

If you are interested in placing an order, please pay as soon as possible (bank account details will be issued to you). After payment, please send us bank-in proof & details :) Thanks ^^

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