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We provide food delivery services to help elders who remain at home or suffers the lack of mobility or ability to prepare their own meal.

This program provides healthy meals for elders to be delivered nationwide so elders and loved ones can have a peace of mind when the elders receive great-tasting, nutritionally balanced meals.

We will prepare meals individually in accordance to customer’s preference and health conditions. Each meal is prepared by professional chefs from our kitchen to ensure that the elders can enjoy fresh, wholesome, delicious meals with no worries of cleanliness, preservatives and artificial ingredients that may harm them.


• Dietary Concerned

These adults require special dietary attention as they may be undernourished or suffer from diseases such as High Blood Pressure which needs to be careful of their food intake.

• Semi Dependent

Adults which has lack of full body mobility such as Parkinson’s, which lacks the ability to prepare food for themselves. They cannot perform activities including shopping for groceries and ingredients or even cooking .


Adults which has complete mobility but may suffer from elderly mental disease such as Alzheimer’s. They will often encounter hazardous harms such leaving the gas or forgotten about the dish.