Organic Healthy Combo Meals Delivery (Friday Dinner and Saturday Breakfast)
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Organic Healthy Combo Meals Delivery (Friday Dinner and Saturday Breakfast)

Organic Healthy Combo Meals Delivery (Friday Dinner and Saturday Breakfast)

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Friday Dinner (Hot & Tasty)

(Healthy food and Gluten free)

Food Delivery | Healthy Meals Delivery KL- Kepong


Our combo meal consists of:
  • 1 Bowl of Chicken Soup with Rice Noodle.
  • 1 Cup of Probiotics Drinks .(Original)(250ml)
  • 1 Side dish. ( Veggie/Nuts and Seeds)
  • Organic Fruit of the Day. (Papaya/Banana/Jack Fruit/Dragon fruit
  • Next Day Breakfast (Organic Chia Seed, Oat, Milk, Fruit, Nuts and Seeds) with yogurt or fresh milk. [ Note: Please keep in the fridge once received to maintain freshness. ]
  • Every main dish are added with some nutritious seaweed and cooked with sea salt to keep consumer healthier.


    Next Day Breakfast

    Delivering Order Cut of Time

    • Order must be made before 2pm and a day before the delivery day, e.g. if you need the dinner on Monday, you must order before 2pm on Sunday.
    • Delivery time: between 5pm and 7pm on the delivery day

    Coverage Area for Delivery

    • 5km radius within Kepong area; Bangsar


      Organic and probiotics diet can stimulate intestine's function which leads to healthier digestion.

      People who are 65 and above usually have the problem where their intestine become weak to absorb all nutrient from the food they consume. Hence, they always feel tire easily and become non-productive.

      Problems may encounter by people who are 65 years old and above:

      1. Hard to get a nice sleep.
      2. Constipation
      3. Tiredness and Sleepiness
      4. Diarrhea
      5. Coughing
      6. Itchiness on skin
      7. Running nose

      The above problems happen because their body is unable to get sufficient nutrient that they need. The reason is because of weaker intestines absorption due to aging.

      Hence, to maintain a healthier intestine is by consuming organic and probiotics diet to improve the digestive system. Healthy food serves as a boost to keep the body working well.

      We provide healthy food delivery services to help elderly who is home bound or suffers the lack of mobility or ability to prepare their own meal themselves.

      Our service provides healthy meals to elderly who lives within 5 km radius in Kepong area and Bangsar so that you will have a peace of mind knowing that they receive great-tasting, nutritionally and balanced meals.

      We will prepare meals according to your elderly’s preference and health conditions. Each meal is prepared by professional chefs from our kitchen to ensure that the elderly can enjoy fresh, wholesome, delicious meals.  We follow strict hygiene requirements and we don't use preservatives and artificial ingredients.

      We provide meals to those who has 

      • Dietary Concerned

      These adults require special dietary attention as they may be undernourished or suffer from diseases such as High Blood Pressure which needs to be careful of their food intake.

      • Semi Dependent

      Adults which suffer from lack of mobility such as Parkinson’s, which stop them from preparing food for themselves. Due to their limitation, they are unable to perform activities such as shopping for groceries and ingredients or cooking .

      • Independent

      Adults which has complete mobility but may suffer from elderly mental disease such as Alzheimer’s. Due to their condition they tend to be forgetful which post danger to themselves, e.g. forget to turn off the stove.