Parents Care Pack 1
Parents Care Pack 1

Parents Care Pack 1

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How long have you not visit your elderly parents at hometown during global pandemic covid-19? Have you call them and ask about their health and condition? Did not have time to do so and worried about them?

Rest assure because iElder provide a gift that might keep them safe and suitable for your parents daily use.

Show Your Love by Gifting them iElder Parents Care Pack.

Parent Giftparent care pack gift

Gift Description

1. Eyup Sabri Tuncer Hand and body cream - Natural Olive Oil

  • An excellent moisturizer that can be used by all members of  family throughout all four seasons. (Perfect for Elder).
  • Suitable use on Hot and Dry season.
  • Quickly absorb to the skin.
  • Prevent from Dryness of the skin.
  • Repair damaged skins and Strengthen the cells.
  • Special formula that does not contain Paraben!
  • Adapts to every skin type. 

2. J- Massage Cream Glucosamine& Emu Oil Cream 60ml (made in Korea) [Exp: May 2022]

  • Joint pain relief
  • Quickly absorb to the skin.
  • Giving warm and comfort sensation
  • EMU oil rich in omega 3 & 6
  • contain Glucosamine

3. Ginger Lotion 130ml (Losyen Pati Halia)

  • The lotion is a non greasy & easily absorbed.
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain 
  • Help to remove air from the body
  • Relieve bloating and back pain
  • Help to relieve menstrual pain (for woman)
  • Helps blood circulation
  • Reduce cellulite & stretch mark
  • Can be used as massage lotion

4. Gripsox Strecth Top®-Anti Slip Safety Socks

Gripsox Anti slip socks are great for all slippery areas such as wooden floors, bathrooms, hospitals, GripSox is a world leader in non slip grip socks.

  • Suitable for Ballet & Indoor Sports Requiring Good Grip
  • Latex free
  • Anti slip
  • High stretch top band
  • Anklet & Stretch Top Option
  • Seamless toe for comfort
  • Fitted heel to prevent sock rotation
  • provide warm and comfort sensation for feet.