Premium Quality Flip Up Protective Face Shield (Adult) Blue

Premium Quality Flip Up Protective Face Shield (Adult) Blue

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Protect your mouth, nose and eyes from infection contagion.


Staying healthy is everyone's priority, so this professional standard face shield has come along at just the right time. Designed to offer protection to the eyes as well as the mouth and nose, it acts as an effective barrier against airborne droplets carrying bacteria and viruses as top and sides of the face while the adjustable head harness means the shield fits comfortably over googles and respirators. Lightweight, comfortable, with breathable foam comfort strip. When it  comes to your health, you can't afford to compromises.  

This Face Shield is reusable depending on how u maintain it. It comes with Anti Haze/Fog Coating. You may wear the Face Shield with a Face Mask. Our face shield is ROHS Approved n it's thicker at 0.30 mm compared to  those in the Market which is about 0.25mm.

The plastic sheet that we use for the face shield are hospital grade and suitable for export with ROHS compliance. These are the certificate copies.

Facial mask are quite costly - RM1.50 a pc and say if u use 3 a day - that’s RM4.50 - this face shields are reusable and u don’t feel the heat when u breathe - best thing is that u still get to see everyone’s beautiful faces.