Rossmax Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Model BQ705
Rossmax Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Model BQ705

Rossmax Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Model BQ705

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Applying the Cuff

  1. Remove all watches, jewellery, etc. prior to attaching the wrist monitor. Clothing sleeves should be rolled up and the cuff should be wrapped on bare skin for correct measurements.
  2. Apply cuff to left wrist with palm facing up as O.
  3. Make sure the edge of the cuffis about 1 cm from the palm as .
  4. In order to ensure accurate measurements, fasten the velcro strap securely around your wrist so there is no extra space between the cuff and the wrist as . If the cuff is not wrapped tight enough, the measurement values may be false.
  5. If your physician has diagnosed you with poor circulation on your left arm, carefully place the cuff around your right wrist as shown in.

Correct Measuring Posture

  1. Place your elbow on a table so that the cuffis at the same level as your heart as .
  2. Note: Your heart is located slightly below your armpit a bit to the left of the middle of your chest. Relax your entire body, especially the area between your elbow and fingers.
  3. If the cuff is not at the same level as your heart or if you can not keep your arm completely still throughout the reading, use a soft object such as a folded towel to support your arm as 6. Do not allow hard objects to come in contact with the wrist cuff.
  4. Turn your palm upwards.
  5. Sit upright in a chair, and take 5-6 deep breaths. Avoid leaning back while the measurement is being taken as.

Measurement Procedures
Important Notes:
Here are a few helpful tips to help you obtain more accurate readings:

  • Blood pressure changes with every heartbeat and is in constant fluctuation throughout the day.
  • Blood pressure recording can be affected by the position of the user, his or her physiologic condition and other factors. For greatest accuracy, wait one hour after exercising, bathing, eating drinking beverages with alcohol or caffeine, or smoking to measure blood pressure.
  • Before measurement, it's suggested that you sit quietly for at least 5 minutes as measurement taken during a relaxed state will have greater accuracy. You should not be physically tired or exhausted while taking a measurement.
  • Do not take measurements if you are under stress or tension.
  • During measurement, do not talk or move your arm or hand muscles.
  • Do not cross the legs while sitting and keep the feet flat on the floor during measurement.
  • Take your blood pressure at normal body temperature. If you are feeling cold or hot, wait a while before taking a measurement.
  • If the monitor is stored at very low temperature (near freezing), have it placed at a warm location for at least one hour before using it.
  • Wait 5 minutes before taking the next measurement.
  1. Press the User-Switching key to select memory zone 1 or memory zone 2 or guest mode.
  2. Place the cuff on the wrist. Press the ON/OFF/START key. All digits will light up, checking the display functions. The checking procedure will be completed in 2 seconds.
  3. After all symbols appear, the display will show a blinking "O". The monitor is ready to measure and will automatically inflate the cuff to start measurement.
  4. When the measurement is completed, the cuff will exhaust the pressure inside. Systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse will be shown simultaneously on the LCD screen with the date and time appearing on alternating manner in every 4 second interval. The measurement is then automatically stored into the memory zone.
  5. This monitor will re-inflate automatically to approximately 220 mmHg if the system detects that your body needs more pressure to measure your blood pressure.

1. This monitor automatically switches off approximately 1 minute after last key operation
2. To interrupt the measurement, simply press ON/OFF/START key or Memory key; the cuff will deflate immediately.

MOH Medical Device Authority (MDA) Registered
Country of Origin - Switzerland

1 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

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