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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

TIGERUS® MycoAid (60 's) [Immune booster]

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When it comes to fighting infection of viruses and bacteria, daily precautions such as washing your hands often and monitor health condition are the key. However experts say that boosting your immune system also give you an edge in staying healthy. Immune system is vital to keep you healthy and fighting off sickness by destroying any infectious microorganisms that invade your body.

MycoAid is the perfect tonic which is customize for strengthening your immune response effectively.

MycoAid is combination of four medicinal mushrooms which are Cordyceps sinensis (Dong Cong Xia Cao) , Antrodia camphorata (Niu-chang-chih), Lignosus rhinocerus (Tiger Milk Mushroom) and Inonotus obliquus (Chaga Mushroom).

The polysaccharides of these medicinal mushrooms are well known as immune booster by triggering our immune cells hence promote a strong immune defense. The combination of these four medicinal mushrooms provide a broad spectrum of action which ensures comprehensive support for health and strengthening the body

在对抗病毒和细菌感染时,最关键的日常预防措施就是经常洗手和观察健康状况等。然而,专家表示增强免疫系统也能让您保持健康。免疫系统通过破坏任何侵入您身体的传染性微生物来保持您的健康和抵抗疾病,这至关重要。 MycoAid 是完美的保健品,可有效地增强您的免疫反应。

MycoAid 结合了冬虫夏草、牛樟芝、虎乳芝及白桦茸四种药用真菌。药用真菌的多糖是众所周知的免疫助推器,可以触发我们的免疫细胞,从而促进强大的免疫防御。这四种药用蘑菇共同提供广泛的作用,确保全面支持健康和强身健体。

Registration Number: MAL20036047TC

Contain 300mg x 60 vegecap


  • 维护健康免疫系统 Immune Support
  • 抗发炎 Anti-inflammatory
  • 抗氧化 Antioxidants
  • 抗压反应 Supports a Healthy Stress Response
  • 抗老化 Anti-aging
  • 天然适应原 Natural Adaptogen
Active Ingredients

Each Vegecap contains
  • 150mg 冬虫夏草 Cordyceps Sinensis
  • 50mg 牛樟芝 Antrodia camphorata
  • 50mg 白桦茸 Inonotus obliqus
  • 50mg 虎乳芝 Lignosus rhinocerus

  • 安全,高质量,有效 Safety, Quality, Efficacy
  • 使用食物培养基培植 Grow Using Food Based Substrate
  • 在最佳条件下收割 Harvest at Optimal Condition
  • 不受微生物和重金属污染 Free from Microbial & Heavy Metal Contamination
  • 卫生及严控的收割方法 Hygienic, Controlled Harvesting Practices
  • 清真和有机认证 Halal & Organic Certified
  • 在ISO 22000, GMP 和HACCO认证的设施中培育 Cultivated in ISO 22000, GMP and HACCP Certified Facilities

Suitable for
  • 常生病的人 People who are often sick
  • 手术后的病人 Patient after surgery
  • 学习、工作压力大的人 People who are under pressure from study and work
  • 缺乏运动的人 Lack of exercise
  • 老年人 The Elderly
  • 癌症病患者 Cancer patients

成人 For Adult

a) 修复疗程 Treatment Course:-

2 capsules after a meal in the afternoon / at night, once a day.

b) 保健 Healthy Subject & For Use As Health Supplemente:-

1 or 2 capsules after a meal in the afternoon / at night, once a day.
一天一次,一次1- 2粒,饭后服用(可选择午餐或晚餐后服用)
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