CSR: Fund Raising for Donation of Essential Supply to Old Folks Home

As stated in the government data, many Covid-19 positive cases and death are among elderly people . This is due to most elderly people have low immune system and who may have already had health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease. They are the high risk group of getting Covid-19. 

Senior citizen risk covid 19


Old folks homes are in short supply of hand sanitizer and face masks. Do you know that they become sick because of Covid-19 as they do not even have the most minimal protection to keep them safe? 

Many old folks homes in the US, UK, Singapore and other countries are affected by Covid-19.

During MCO, everyone has to stay at home but old folks homes are still in operation with minimum 10 to 80 residents. They are not able to maintain 1 meter distance apart due to the space constraint.

The elderly are already among the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic, and living in old folks homes puts them at even higher risk. Many old folks homes are charitable organizations, some rely on people to donate food to them. So what can these old folks homes do to protect their residents during this pandemic? And what can we do?

Sumbangan Derma Kelengkapan Perlindungan Diri Covid 19


We at volunteering group consists of Geriatrics, old folks home operators, NGO associations and private companies who are willing to give helping hand to raise fund and distribute essential to those in needs. 
iElder is among one of the organizations to join the volunteering group in providing essential goods to residential aged care operators.

iElder packing hand sanitizer to donate to old folks home

Many people have involved in this fund raising through purchase of gift card at iElder. With the fund collected, we manage to donate lots of hand sanitizers and other essential goods to residential aged care operators.
iElder team has worked hard and diligently in packing the hand sanitizers. We prioritize cleanliness and hygiene when packing the goods.
CSR Fund Raising for Donation of Essential Supply to Old Folks Home mask and glove

Myaging association upm pack ppe nursing home

CSR Fund Raising for Donation of Essential Supply to Old Folks Home universiti putra malaysia
After packing, the essential goods are sent to MyAgeing Association, UPM to be packed with other goods. Some essential goods are sent by transporter such as lorry and some by courier company. 


sumbangan derma kelengkapan diri ppe rumah jagaan orang tua

Mdm Wong from Wong Ma Ma Kitchen  cooked Hakka Tea Rice (Lei Cha) 😋to sell to neighbour as charitable cook on 26 April 2020. All the monies have been donated for old folks home to buy essential goods, i.e. mask, hand sanitizers through www.iElder.asia at cost.

wong ma ma lei cha kitchen donation ielder

This is an on-going work to send essential goods until Covid-19 is over, if you are keen to purchase gift card to donate to old folks home, please check it out at https://ielder.asia/products/gift-card

Many homes have started receiving your parcel. See below

Many homes have started receiving your parcel 

CSR: Fund Raising for Donation of Essential Supply to Old Folks Home iElder

On behalf of Covid-19 CSO Ageing Group, we would like to thank all the donors and contributors for making this fundraising a success. 

Alice Wong from Wong Ma Ma Lei Cha and neighbours
Azezi Husain from Sifu Trademark

Revi Chandran

Lai WS
Chee Mee Ho
Jeff Lim from Pro Vision Wealth Management
Ashley Pang
Yves from Top and Bottom Boutique
Chanice Lim
Felip Ng
Yoke Fong Chen
Mdm Pang
Peter Sim from Sim Immigration New Zealand
Jeannette Lai
SV Wong
Wai Kit
Liew Ming Han Edmund
Suzanne Ong
Xue Min Lim
Calvin Yeap
Hui Shi Tan
Swee Chin Choe
William Du from Ingenious Haus Group
Teacher Ma
Khai Khee Heng
Albert Yeoh 
Intan Mokhtar
Jeffrey Tan
Noora Shukor from Professional Beauty Consultant
Richard and Lyndie Tan


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