Wound Healer (Bedsore, Diabetes Ulcer) for Senior Nursing Homes!

Introducing the Bio Nature Spray Wound Healer!

Wound healing can get complicated if left untreated or not managed well. Seniors who live in Elder Care Homes for long periods of time are prone to open & ulcerated wounds, lacerations, minor burns as well as pressure sores, and diabetic ulcers.

The Bio Nature Spray which is designed and proven to protect these serious wounds with the hope of giving some relief to patients. With the power of the highly concentrated niacinamide serum, the Bio Nature Spray accelerates tissue repair and speeds up the natural healing of these afflictions.

The serum has been known to effectively tighten and improve the healing process of sagging pores, making it a great product for seniors.

iElder has partnered up with Bio Nature Spray to host a giveaway, exclusively for Senior Home/Nursing Home Operators with patients suffering from bedsores or open wounds that would benefit from this product.

To participate, fill in this form: https://forms.gle/WGqaNf4gKN2Mr5Yi7

Or visit our page at https://ielder.asia/products/wound!

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