FAQ: Poliklinik Perdana PPV Offsite AEON Mall Bukit Raja

Pusat Pemberian Vaksin PPV

1. Can I change my appointment date?

No. You cannot change it.

2. Are walk-ins accepted?

No. However you can fill in this form https://forms.gle/cqTvrETXRanvbSmN9. Our staff will contact you if there is an available slot.

3. What type of vaccine is available?


4. Can I apply to have my vaccination at this facility?

 If you have a pre-existing MySejahtera appointment for the booster dose, you can screenshot your appointment page and send it via WhatsApp to +6014 6833350. Your appointment location will be updated to PPV Offsite AEON Mall Bukit Raja the next day, with the new date being one day after your existing appointment.

5. I am no longer living in Klang/KL, can I have my vaccination nearer to where I live?

Cancel your appointment in MySejahtera, and update your address/location in the app's helpdesk.

6. Can I come early or later on my appointment date?

For example, actual appt time 12pm, but you want to come at 3pm. It is fine as long as it's not earlier than your appointment time.

7. We are husband and wife, but we have different appointment dates, can want to come on the same day?

Both of you can come on the date of the later one. Example, wife 8th, husband 12th, both can come in on 12th, provided your appointment is not scheduled at any other facility yet.

8. Can I come 1-2 days earlier than my appointment date?

Yes, can. Yes, we allow 2 days prior appointment date. You can show your appt and come in PPV.


Facility Name: PPV Offsite AEON Mall Bukit Raja (Poliklinik Perdana)
Facility Code: A10-02-12
VCS ID: 1334
Address: Lot G14 (Near Centre Court) AEON Mall Bukit Raja, Persiaran Bukit Raja 2, Bandar Baru Klang, 41150 Klang, Selangor

Contact Information:

PPV Offsite AEON Mall Bukit Raja (Poliklinik Perdana)


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