Shanghai Qi Pao Charity Event

Talks by Doctors on Women's Health and Wellness

Legal talk on Adultery ("If He Strays, What You Should Do!")

Shanghai Qi Pao Charity Event

Program Outline
11:00 AM
    • Registration
    • QiPao Showcase in Gallery with custom made services from Shanghai tailor. 
  • 李建师傅的手工非常的精细,每一件旗袍都非常精美,勾勒出女人的曲线。当你拥有真善,就能拥有美。让我们学习做个真*善*美*配上精细的旗袍“当个精品女人,美丽一生”
2:30 PM
  • Talk by Doctor on Women Health and Wellness
3:00 PM
  • Talk By Lawyer on Adultery
  • Mingle and Network
5:00 PM End

Dress code : Qipao or Cocktail dress

 Talk by Doctor Kong Why Hong about Women Health and Wellness


Shanghai Qi Pao Charity Event

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