Care Giver tip- Positioning Techniques from Sleeping Position to Sitting Position

Video provided by ASAP Spine & Health clinic at Puchong

Step by step to guide you how to perform a transfer your loved one from bed to wheelchair/chair.

1. Wash/Sanitise your hand first

2. Inform your loved one what you are doing throughout the whole process of transferring. 

3. Encourage your loved one to assist you during the transfer to maintain balance and coordination.

4. Bring your arm far across your body.

5. Flex lower limbs or both lower limbs.

6. Roll your loved one towards you by supporting underneath/around the far shoulder and hip.

7. Assist your loved one using arm to support under shoulder and the other around the hip.

8. Assist your loved one to sit closer to the edge of the bed.

9. Ensure your loved one's feet are positioned well such that they will not be caught during transfer and tucked in behind knees.

10. Ensure that the wheelchair is positioned at a 30-degree angle from the bed. Check the wheelchair for safety precaution i.e. locking of wheels and footrest has folded properly.

11. Place one arm around the chest and one arm supporting underneath the hip.

12. Use momentum "1,2,3" and facilitate trunk forward flexion and extension of lower limbs. Communicate with your loved one before transferring. This will enable your loved one to assist you whilst you are doing the procedure. 

13. Safely pivot transfers your loved one into wheelchair.

14. Facilitate scooting to sit in a wheelchair in a stable manner. 

Hope the above tips are useful for you as reference.

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