Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

May is finally here! Do you know what that's mean?


Remember when mom always pick you up from school even when she was tired working the whole day? Remember when she still cook your favourite foods even when she is not feeling well? Remember the time she brings you out to buy you the thing that you always wanted for your birthday?
Now mother's day is coming and this is the perfect time for you to show gratitude to your mother. MCO has been extended and if you stay in the same roof as your mother, spent time with her and do many activities together. Bring back all the good memories you used to do with your mother.
Don't have any idea what to do with your mother on Mother's Day during MCO? Don't worry, here are the list of things you can do together with your mother:
  1. Make some kuih raya or weave some ketupat with your mom.
  2. Do a manicure and pedicure session with your mom.
  3. Help your mom clean up her closet and try on some of her old baju kurung, cheongsam and saris.
  4. Give your mom a special in home massage.
  5. Grab some popcorn and have a movie marathon together.
  6. Do a simple yoga moves with your mom.
  7. Do some arts and crafts together.
  8. Have a picnic together at your backyard or your living room.
  9. Go outside and do some gardening on her favourite flowers or herbs.
  10. Bake your mom's favourite cake or dessert together with her.

It looks so good if you can spent time with your mother on her special day but not everyone live together with their mother. Don't worry about that because online businesses and courier companies are still working during MCO.

Now, you can buy flowers, balloons, cakes, skin care products, supplements and etc. to your mother for Mother's Day. Don't have any idea where to buy it? Here, check out on our special package for Mother's Day. Hurry and order online now to get your purchase on time for Mother's Day on the 10th of May 2020!

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