How to transfer and lift the elderly?

Preparation Of Wheelchair For lifting and Transferring The Elderly.


  • wheelchair brake
  • Push wheelchair towards the stronger side of the elderly.
  • Secure brake.





  • removal of armrest of a wheelchair
  • Remove armrest of the wheelchair.
  • push aside footrest of a wheelchair
  • Push aside footrest


Sitting To Standing Position


  • support elder knee
  • Support the elderly's knees between carer's knees.
  • support elder buttock
  • Support the elderly buttocks with both hands.
  • Move buttocks alternately forward until the elderly's legs touch the floor.
  • lift elderly
  • Place the elderly's hand on his/her thighs or carer's shoulders.
  • Lean the elderly forward slightly
  • Support the elderly's buttocks and knees. Instruct him/her to stand, assist if necessary.


Sitting Position To Wheelchair.

  • slowly put the elder on the wheelchair
  • Support the elderly's knees with the carer's knees.
  • Turn the elderly towards wheelchair by turning carer's feet. Carer must avoid twisting his/her trunk, as this can injure the back.
  • place the elder foot on the footrest
  • Lean the elderly forward slightly and seat him/her on wheelchair.
  • Place his/her feet on the footrest.
  • Fix armrest.
  • Release brake if necessary.

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