Japan's Kawamura Pride

Japan's Kawamura Pride

Choosing a wheelchair for yourself or a senior family member is always a big decision. There is no “best” wheelchair choice for elderly people especially as they have different mobility needs. Some of them may be using a wheelchair as a permanent, everyday mobility solution, while others might just need one for temporary use. It’s important to select the right wheelchair by conducting an analysis of the would-be user to see what areas they are impacted in.

Wheelchair users also want to preserve their independence and improve their quality of life and so choosing the right wheelchair for the elderly with limited mobility is always a challenge. The things to consider when purchasing a wheelchair for the elderly would include the features, weight, transportability, and (of course) the price tag. With all this “Quality” will rank in as the No 1 priority at the final decision.

iElder.asia has announced that they will be bringing in the wheelchairs of the best in quality from Japan to be part of their e-commerce portal soon. Here's introducing the Kawamura Brand of wheelchairs to the shores of Malaysia. iElder.asia are the authorized representative, sole distributors, and importers of this brand. Their focus has always been centered on Quality in the promotion and distribution of their products. The choice of Japan takes precedence when it comes to wheelchairs as they are a totally different dimension from the rest of the world when it comes to quality.

Why Kawamura and some history down memory lane. In 1915 Koichi Kawamura first started his company as an individual enterprise building bicycles.

After the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, Tamio Murayama (founder), who was working to reconstruct the business, recognized a bright future in wheelchairs to secure employment and the company’s future. The company adopted the 7000-series aluminium, the strongest aluminium alloy used for mountain bikes, for wheelchairs. This reduced the weight of wheelchairs produced at the time by more than 30%. Mass-producing these aluminium wheelchairs set the company’s business back on track and the company was transformed from a bicycle builder to a wheelchair manufacturer.

Today, the Kawamura Cycle wheelchairs are easier to navigate and understand and they are more comfortable as assistive products for people with disabilities.
Studies on the problems faced by wheelchair users were conducted and new forms of lighter wheelchairs were produced. With the scrutiny of all the metals, fabrics and resin materials used, Kawamura Cycle transitioned to a mass-producer of lightweight aluminium wheelchairs from the usual heavy steel ones before. Very true to their mission statement of “We always strive to advance" they constantly pushed the limits of knowledge and boldly challenged themselves.

To ensure they maintain and improve the safety and durability of their wheelchairs, Kawamura conducts durability tests on a regular basis using in-house test equipment that complies with the JIS standard (JIST9201:2016) or at a third-party testing organization. Kawamura Cycle believes this is what embodies the Kobe brand and Japanese Quality for Health and a Comfortable Lifestyle providing safe and secure products and quality services.

The Kawamura wheelchairs come in the following varieties as below:

  • Manual wheelchairs (aluminium, steel)
  • Reclining wheelchairs (aluminium, steel)
  • Bathing wheelchairs (aluminium, steel)
  • Posture-retainment wheelchairs
  • Custom-made wheelchairs
  • Electric wheelchairs/Electric carts

iElder.asia always strives to ensure they have the best in price and the best in quality for the products they promote. With the Kawamura Brand wheelchairs at hand you can be rest assured you are getting the best fit and choice when you finally make the wheelchair purchase decision.

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