Oral Feeding Tips

Purpose of Oral Feeding

To provide adequate nutrition and be in control of a proper diet to the your loved ones.

As people grow older, their body system also degenerates which affects the digestion and nutrient absorption.


  1. Ensure patient is in sitting position.
  2. Do not give food/drink when patient is lying down
  3. Be patient - follow the patient's pace
  • Eg: Parkinson or Dementia patients
  • Encourage the patient to chew/swallow if they keep the food in the mouth.

      4. Small amounts at each feeding. Cut the food into small bite portions, to 

          prevent choking.

     4. Don't underfeed/overfeed the patient

     5. Don't force the patient to eat all the food that presented on the plate.


Soft Diet Preparation Made Easy with Gentle Foods

Other resources:

1. Complimentary Pureed Meal Delivery to Aged Care Homes, A collaboration between Gentle Foods, DYS-Puree, H-care and iElder.asia



2. Soft Diet Preparation Made Easy with Gentle Foods



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