Pre-planning for funeral affairs / memorial service

Pre-planning for funeral affairs or memorial service 丧礼/追悼会规划

Have you heard of pre-planning for funeral affairs before? It is actually one of the taboo topics of Chinese, or what we know as ‘pantang’ in Malaysia.

Pre-planning for your own or elders’ funeral, this may sound strange and ominous, but it is actually getting more common nowadays, and it has several key advantages.

So what does it bring for the family?

Advantages to pre-plan are hassle free, peace of mind, save cost.

First of all, we will be prepared when worst time come. No one knows when is their time coming, as everyone might pass away in a sudden, leaving our family in grief and catching them off guard. They have to plan everything in a short period of time. That’s why planning beforehand, will be more convenient for them and yourself.

Secondly, you can express your final wishes to be followed by your family. You get to choose your own type of ceremony. Whether it is burial or cremation, Buddhist or Christian. The family gets to discuss about it, as the family members might have different religion, leading to difference in opinion. In other words, it will allow individuals to decide their preferred services, rites and rituals.

Last but not least, pre-planning enables us to make financial arrangements to cover the funeral cost, be it funeral insurance or instalments, they all helps to lessen the burden of our family. Furthermore, preparing things early means we can hedge against inflation. We can select a place with nice feng-shui, a decent ceremony with a professional team to conduct it with less amount to pay. It will relieve loved one from financial burden, stress and confusion.

By the end of this article, you should know the advantages of pre-planning funeral affairs, start planning now! Call our professional team at +6012-286 5039 to discuss your needs. 








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