Products Can Help Seniors Maintain Their Independence (Bedroom)

It’s important for caregivers and family members to pay close attention to how their loved ones are faring while aging in place. A senior’s needs can change quickly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a move to a long-term care facility is necessary. If adaptive equipment has helped your loved one but they still need more assistance or supervision, there are many products available that can help extend their independence both inside and outside the home. The key is to keep an eye out for signs that a senior may be struggling and act on them in a timely manner.

Please find below some of the recommended products suitable for bedroom.

1. Guarday -SOS Fall Detection Device

Guarday is the best fall detection and emergency device that works everywhere is every country! You can put Guarday beside your bed and charge it at night. During emergency, you can press SOS button. Guarday will immediate send SMS to 3 pre set number and follow up call to the first pre set number. You can just speak to the first contact point about your immediate need.  Due to privacy, you are not able to install CCTV in the bedroom and toilet. This is suitable for those living at home alone, heart attack, dementia and etc.

guarday fall detection



2.  Electric Comfort Home Care Bed

This is home care bed made by solid rubber wood. It is pack in 4 boxes and can install it yourselves (same as Ikea concept). The reliable remote control is made from Germany. This Comfort home care bed has been exporting to Japan and very popular in Japan market and has passed all the stringent safety requirements. 

home care nursing bed


comfort homecare bed

3. Famica Bedrail and Backrest

If you want to keep existing bed, then you can consider to install bedrail and use backrest. 

Image result for famica bedrail



4. OCA Mattress

Provide effective fluid support, ensuring all body parts are evenly supported & pressure relieving 

OCA mattress ielder



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