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 iElder.asia, a division of the ASIAN INTEGRATED MEDICAL SDN BHD, is a distributor of high quality aged care, healthcare products and services. Our focus is on aged care, medical technology (Med-Tech) and healthcare product and services. It was established since 2012. We are licensed by the Medical Device Authority Malaysia to distribute Medical Equipment / Devices in Malaysia. We are vendor and supplier to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. 

Please below our licenses: 

Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is that part of quality assurance which ensures that products are consistently stored, transported and handled under suitable condition as required by the marketing authorisation or product specification. In order to provide such assurance, companies will require more than just a set of quality manuals, it requires a comprehensive system to “give assurance”. This may include appropriate procedures, suitably trained and qualified personnel, correct processes / facilities / equipment as well as clear and timely records and documentation, to credibly demonstrate the consistency of quality assurance.

good distribution practice for medical devices (gdpmd)
Below is our Medical Device Establishment License. 
good distribution practice for medical devices (gdpmd)

iElder innovation excellent service high quality products

The entire value chain of sourcing, product, and service reliability, quality, delivery, user-friendly design, and product durability with minimum maintenance is monitored from the upstream of the product and service origination to ensure the end customer derives maximum value and joy in using the products and or services. 

Our Vision:

We aim to provide one stop medical products and services solution for elderly. To grow to become the largest online elderly and golden senior store in Southeast Asia - the first name you think of when you think elderly and to provide solutions to elderly to live happily and independently. 

Our Mission: 

To build a thriving community with our constant push for innovation in our products. We believe in providing products of the highest quality curated especially for you.

iElder largest innovative health care solution

Keeping in mind the customer profile, the hallmark of our Website is “Simplicity!” Over the years, we have received very positive reviews on products and services we carry, and the manner in which we have delivered a wholesome end-to-end solutions for our Customers.

The co-Founder of iElder.asia, Olivia has an interesting story that led her to start this ecommerce division.

ielder reason

“A few years ago, my Mom fell while she was in the Shower and injured her wrist. She was seriously incapacitated to the extend it took her an hour to reach the phone and call me. My father suffers from a mild case of dementia and could not remember my contact number. As soon as I got the call, it took me an hour to reach home and sent my Mom to the nearest hospital. This incident left a deep impact on me and I decided on that day to focus on the convergence of technology, products and services that can ensure Senior Citizens can live their lives in a safe and independent manner.”

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iElder.asia aims to contribute 5% of our profit for the Senior Community CSR Programme such as building this community and giving back by organising free networking and community sessions/information.