iElder.Asia's Affiliate Program

Become an iElder.Asia affiliate

Become an Affiliate and help spread the word about your one-stop-shop for iElder.Asia, Home Care Medical Product Distributor, all the while earning a nice commission doing it!

How Our Best Affiliate Program Works?

It's always easy to earn money online. Follow the 4 simple easy steps and start making money online with our best affiliate program!

1. Free Sign Up

It takes just a few minutes to join the best payout affiliate program and become a part of the us to get commission.

2. Get Unique Affiliate Link

Once sign-up successfully, your will have own your unique affiliate link. Share the link with friends, in forums & emails to start referring. After sign up, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link. Use your unique affiliate link to drive potential customers to our website. 

You can promote our products to your audience on your social media accounts, such as Youtube, facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Blog!

3. Ready Banners

Choose the best-fitting beautiful banners to place on your website or the site which is suitable for you to promote and start referring visitors.

4. Get Your Commissions

You'll receive a commission from your referral links per successful purchase.

You will get 5% commission on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or use your coupon code. However, for disposable products such as diapers and nutrition range such as milk, we have too thin margin as we will update you what margin you can get when customer place order. 

If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please

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iElder.Asia's Affiliate Program FAQ

1. Who can sign-up for the Affiliate Program?

We offer affiliate prgram to healthcare professional such as nurses, physiotherapist and etc and influencers , they can signup for this Program.
2. What happens when I get approved?

You'll have access to your Personal Partner/Affiliate Dashboard. There you'll have access to your referral link, link generator, orders, payments and more.
3. How do you track conversions?

Conversions are tracked through your referral link provided by our Affiliate Program. Your personalized affiliate link will be connected to your affiliate account, so if a customer clicks your links to our website and completes a purchase, that conversion will be tracked to your affiliate account.
4. How do I get my personalized affiliate link?

Once you are approved to our affiliate program, you will be assigned a special extension code to be added to the end of any URL link on our website to connect purchases to your affiliate account. 
5. How do I get paid?

Payments are sent directly to your PayPal or Gift Card, Bank Account depending on the payout method you have chosen. Please be sure you enter a valid PayPal address when you register a payment method.
6. When will I get paid?

Payments are typically made the 1st week of the following month after you have reached the minimum payment sum of RM500. For example, commissions earned during the month of April, will be paid the 1st week of June (not May). This allows time for any adjustments due to order cancellations, changes & returns, which would void the commissions earned, to settle.     

7. What happens when a customer cancels an order?

If a customer cancels a product or an order, the commission amount will be deducted from your running monthly total. 
8. Can I refer other affiliates for additional earnings?

At the moment, we do not have this feature.

9. How do I earn commission?

Bloggers/YouTubers/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter - You'll receive 5% commission from your referral links per successful purchase

*No commission will be received if customer pays order with a gift card/store credit in any amount.

10. Program Violations

If an affiliate has been found to be violating our terms of service, abusing our affiliate system or using third party programs/applications/websites to collect undeserved earnings, your account may be shut down immediately, and any unpaid earnings forfeited. This decision will be at our sole discretion and will be final with no recourse.
10. Can I buy products for my personal usage and get commission?

No, this affiliate is for you to introduce your network of customers to us.


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