Covid-19 5 in 1 Sanitisation Kiosk  [measure temperature, registration, auto hand sanitize]
Covid-19 5 in 1 Sanitisation Kiosk  [measure temperature, registration, auto hand sanitize]

Covid-19 5 in 1 Sanitisation Kiosk [measure temperature, registration, auto hand sanitize]

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Most advance 5-in-1 COVID-19 Kiosk in the market today.

5-in-1 Kiosk

  • 32” Touch Panel for Digital Signage & Manual Data Record via Touchscreen
  • Contactless Advance IR Temperature scanner with Facemask Detection & Employee Sign In
  • Build-in contactless auto hand sanitiser spray
  • Facemask or Antibacterial Wipes dispenser
  • WiFi / 4G Ready to sync information to cloud for data keeping
covid 19 security guard at risk

Security guards are in direct contact with many people, especially if they work in supermarkets, hospitals, airports or malls. The security guards are the ones who will get patrons to sanitise their hands and will check their temperature. That means they will be in close contact with the public and there is no system where those who patronise are required to leave their contact details. This will cause everyone at risk.

With installing Covid-19 Sanitisation Kiok, the system will measure your temperature + whether you wear face mask then you key in your name and phone or via QR code, final step is to sanitise your hand with the auto hand sanitizer. 

The kiosk can be converted to information board and/or other custom features for later usage. 


Covid-19 Sanitisation Kiosk


  • Build in WIFI connectivity 
    • Sync data to the cloud
    • Control your kiosk remotely
    • Update info and campaign
    • Remote reboot function
  • 32” Touch Panel
    • Digital signage
    • As required by government - Key in personal info. Record visit and time
  • Body temperature sensor-
    • Non-contact temperature sensor - Effective up to 1m-
    • Facemask detection sensor
    • Can be program for door access
  • Antibacterial wipes
    • Dispenser for wet wipes
  • Sensor type auto sprayhand sanitiser
    • Contactless sensor type
    • Liquid spray hand sanitiser
  • Hygiene disposal bin
    • Safely dispose wet wipes
    • Safely dispose facemask



  • Accurately detect temperature up to 1M (recommended 50cm)
  • Employ A.I. face recognition to detect face mask
  • Can set alarm to trigger if temperature exceed normal
  • Camera can detect and inform customer to wear facemask



  • Walk to the kiosk and follow sensor instruction
  • Kiosk will perform temperature and facemask scan
  • Green will indicate normal temperature reading and face mask present
  • Red together with buzzer will alert if temperature is abnormal
  • Kiosk will notify if no face mask was present


2. Key in your Information and declaration

  • Use the touch panel to input your:
    • Name (according to IC)
    • IC Number
    • Mobile Number


  • Just put your hand into the Auto Spray Sensor will detect and spray 70% alcohol liquid hand sanitiser


Warranty Terms & Condition
  • Rental Term : 1 to 1 exchange on defective parts within rental period
  • Purchase : 3 month 1 to 1 replacement, 12 month warranty on parts (14 days Service Level Agreement)


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Delivery, Installation & Training Fee: Klang Valley Outstation

5-in-1 Sanitasion Kiosk  RM 350 (within Klang Valley)

                                        Based on location (Outside Klang Valley)


12 month (after Warranty Perioad Ends Replace Affected Parts At Discount)